Why is Cicada the supervisor? The flash needs in season 5

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Warning: big spoilers ahead for the second episode of The flash Season 5, called "Blocked".

The flash He goes in a new direction with his last supervillain, and the fans had to wait until the second episode of season 5 to see who he is and what he can do. Cicada was teased as a type of character who lost her family due to the metahumans, and was led on a mission to exterminate all goals with her own meta skills. Now that "Blocked" has shown what Cicada can do, it is already clear that Cicada is the supervillain. The flash necessarily.

First of all, the cicada is not a speedster. It is true that we already knew that at the beginning of Season 5, Cicada was not going to be a fast one, and technically we were a complete season with a non-speed like the big bad, but The flash he has come to rely too much on sprinters to drive the plot. While the show is actually called The flash and focused on the Scarlet Speedster, the program also had to mix things up and get away a bit from the super speed in its fifth season.

By showing a villain that he is not a fast guy and that he probably will not have the incredible technology of The Thinker that allowed him to do almost anything, The flash You can explore new terrains. We have not seen a villain like Cicada and we have not seen Barry and Co. try to fight a villain like Cicada before. The flash Something new is required for season 5, and Cicada complies. Score for a supervillain that is not a speedy or anything else that has been done before!

Of course, the cicada has powers, and The flash He has only begun to reveal what he is capable of. What "Blocked" demonstrated, however, is that Cicada is able to use her dagger in the form of lightning to undermine the powers of other goals. That ability allowed him to brutally assassinate Gridlock, stab Vanessa's Meta for the week on the back and almost kill Barry, Cisco and Vibe until Nora came in with a last minute save.

This leads to a second reason why Cicada is the villain. The flash needs in season 5. As a supervillain with the ability to remove the powers of other goals, even if only temporarily, since Barry and his friends had their powers at the end of the episode, the cicada could force the Flash team to think outside the superpower box.

The flash explored what it looks like when a superheroless hero confronts a bad guy superpowers in the first star Arrowcrossover -verse. In the first cross event, Barry became temporarily evil and Oliver needed to use all his training and tricks like the Arrow to dominate the sprinter without killing him or killing him. Oliver did it, but Barry has never had the same kind of talent without powers.

The cicada as the new great evil could force Barry to evolve as a superhero and develop the ability to defend himself and defeat a formidable enemy without using any of his powers of speed. His attempt to punch Cicada was as good as might be expected from a guy who generally does not have to rely on anything other than superpowers. Surely he will not become an Oliver Queen, but he could adapt.

We hope that Team Flash will have to fight differently to end Cicada, and that is an exciting prospect for any fan who has been watching from the beginning. The unique abilities of the cicada could give Iris more to do as well. Apart from her temporary passage as speedster with her purple beam, Iris has had to rely on her own ingenuity to defend herself from the worst of the worst in Central City.

The cicada could open the door for Iris to have a larger bow. After all, Team Flash might not have connected all the points on Cicada to "Blocked" if Iris had not done her homework on Gridlock's murder as a journalist. As someone who has not had superpowers for most of the series, it could be a particularly useful asset in season 5. Maybe Cicada's powers can give her and Nora a reason to join!

The third big reason why Cicada is the villain. The flash The needs in Season 5 is that we already know a good amount about him, and Nora's cliffhanger makes fun of her having some information about the future in Cicada, which means we should learn more about him in the next episode. The flash You no longer risk frustrating fans as the program did with some in season 3, when Savitar's revelation went on for almost a whole season.

We have seen Cicada in a mask, wielding a dagger, emitting an eerie insect sound and trying to assassinate goals. We have also seen him unmasked in his work as a janitor, although only for a few moments. Nora clearly has some information about the future about the cicada. We will have to wait to find out if your information comes from your studies at The Flash or if you have any kind of experience with Cicada. Either way, her perspective as a future girl means that Cicada's research will have to be different from previous seasons.

The fact that Nora has already noticed changes in the timeline due to her presence that interferes in the past also means that any information she shares is not necessarily written in stone, so the sensation of suspense and mystery will not be entirely absent. Despite my many problems with The flashDue to the handling, or mismanagement, of time travel in the hands of reckless sprinters, Barry's decision to allow Nora to stay that way could make the season a bit more uncertain in some fun ways.

Basically, Cicada is a factor that neither we nor Team Flash have had to face in recent years. The flash, and that can only be good for a program that opens in its fifth season. Let's hope the program continues to handle it in a way that is equally intriguing and terrifying. We'll have to wait and see. New episodes of The flash Air Tuesday night at 8 p.m. ET in The CW, ahead of new episodes of Legends of tomorrow, which joins the autumn TV line soon.


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