Why Eleanor in & # 39; The Good Place & # 39; Is the program's best success story?

adminOctober 19, 2018

Spoilers for The good place Season 3, episode 4 onwards. When The good place It started for the first time, there was no doubt that Eleanor was the worst person in the group of bad people who did not belong to the Good Place. Tahani was self-centered, but he gave. Chidi struggled to be good, even if she could never make a decision, and Jason was totally unaware of what was happening. He was too oblivious to being really bad on purpose. Meanwhile, Eleanor was basically evil. That's why it's so shocking that now, during season 3 of The good placeEleanor is being so good, for God's sake. She is basically the biggest success story of the program, and a proof that you can Learn to be a nicer person, even when you are condemned to be condemned.

In Thursday's episode, Michael revealed the Good Place to the four humans and, in doing so, compromised his ability to enter. Since they knew of the reward of the afterlife, their moral actions could no longer count. Now, that's predictable that he threw everyone in the group for a loop, but nobody handled it better than Eleanor.

After discovering that nothing they did for the rest of their lives would be important for their own life after death, they all reacted in only them shapes. Chidi had a large-scale collapse over nihilism (the theory that nothing in life means anything) and basically started acting like old Eleanor. He mocked his students for being "nerds", stopped worrying about social rules and, in general, did not feel like doing anything productive.

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Tahani reacted by trying to give away all his money, which is good in theory, but he is still acting well because think she should, and giving away money is the only way she has known how to be a "nice" person. But as it showed its original designation of Bad Place, no matter how much charity you do on earth, what matters is your attitude. She continues to lose her name as if it were nobody's business and, in general, she is jocular, even if it is accidental. And Jason has no idea, as always.

But Eleanor made a real growth.

One could hardly blame Eleanor for wanting to return initially to her rude ways. Discovering that you are going to the bad place when you die is a lot to swallow. But even though Eleanor immediately went up to a bar, she reproached the bartender for a free drink and, in general, began to retreat to her former self, she could not help but do the right thing when she found someone's lost wallet. She went to steal the money, but something stopped her before she could keep it in her pocket. Instead, he traced the man (through two changes of direction) and returned it.

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See how happy she made him want her to continue doing good. He returned to the group to tell them that, while their own lives were beyond saving, they could begin to do good so others can help. they enter the good place Everyone was on board, but the fact that it was Eleanor's idea shows how far it has come. She does not have to help anyone. It will not help The moral dessert no longer exists and, nevertheless, she remains moral.

And that's how, in just two and a half seasons, Eleanor went from being the worst of the worst, to the best, while everyone else stayed exactly where they were. Chidi is still tortured by all aspects of philosophy. Tahani is still smug, insane and obsessed with money, whether she is trying to get it or give it away. Jason still does not realize almost everything. But Eleanor has raised the true potential of Good Place. Which means that, unless the next episodes change things, she could be the only one of the four that make enter the good place at the end.

If the judge learns about Eleanor's idea of ​​helping people just for the sake of decency, she could change her mind about Eleanor's eternal damnation. Her new actions are so good just for helping people who should shoot her to the Good Place when she dies. But, even if it's not like that, that's not Eleanor's goal anyway. She really just wants to be a kind and helpful person. And that is why she is truly good.

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