Why doesn't pit section 49 go? View TV …

adminDecember 31, 2018

Show TV screens have attracted the attention of the public in a wide range and broadcast all the attention of the famous series of projects that attract attention. Cukur 49 episode of the broadcast date is being investigated by full-time lovers. Last week in memory that leaves a deep mark by signing the scenes; It is seen that the new part of Çukur, where the slope of the slope has not yet been identified, but that it was shot to the ground by the person he was surprised at what he experienced at that time, did not appear in the TV show. Well, there is no reason why there are not some 49 of the most watched productions of Monday nights with their impressive scenarios and successful and talented actors. When the first part of the screen moved to the sound of the new part, will it always be published when the new chapter? Here are the latest developments on the subject that are very curious …

Were the pit 49 fragment fragments transferred? The betrayal that doesn't fit in reason …

Why is not published in the new captain when?

When the story of Çukur 49 is not on the TV show, will the audience watch the amazing watch and the new part of Çukur will be published on the broadcast date? in the form of research began to decline. Why isn't it a 49 episode? For the audience who performs the query at full speed, it will not be included in the screens since both the Christmas holiday and all the series will not broadcast for 3 weeks. On the other hand, the new part of Cukur is expected to be published on January 21, 2019, although there is currently no specific information available.

What was the last part of the pit?

On the TV show Çukur 48. Koçovalılar, Mahsun and Çeto under the leadership of the Karakuzu team strengthened their hand in collaboration with pulling the plug in operation was successful. In the last part of the pit; Çeto paid for all necessary financial and legal transactions of Karakuz and paid the price using Ersoy's betrayal. Koçovaliler advanced with a view to defeating Karakuzular each stage of the stage and all the teams in their teams to remove one by one by eliminating the lead with the lead, Lal & # 39; on the stage of one of the team's important men shot and killed. Vartolu, the Saadet, who longed for pain in pain for a very long time and his baby to save the child, was Yamaç n nn ın confidence in the mountains entrusted with betrayal of the person, not. Celer, who could not even take the step in the neighborhood and ruined his team, launched his move, while Ersoy, who was unsure that he had lost his life, was sent to the meeting point.

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