Why does the resurrection Ertugrul arise when the new chapter? (TRT1 transmit power)

adminJanuary 9, 2019

The followers of the resurrection Ertugrul series continue to investigate the TRT1 broadcast. Normally, the new episode of the series, expected to be released on Wednesday, January 9, 2019, will not be shown as other series this week. The resurrection will be on display in the series Vuslar series, which began broadcasting recently.


  • 08:15 The Green Sea
  • 10:55 today
  • 11:05 Eighties
  • 13:30 Good idea with Pelin couple
  • Today at 15:35 1
  • 15:45 Families are competing
  • 17:45 Empress Ki
  • 19:00 Main news
  • 20:00 Vuslat
  • 22:30 With Pelin Par Beyond Agenda


Ertugrul Bey, who had a tough battle with the Mongols, had to leave his brothers to pursue the sacred cause. Kayılar believes that Ertugrul Bey, the road fell after this separation. Kayığı came to Karacadağ's borders under difficult conditions, a completely different world waiting here. Their new home would give them a different climate, different countries and different people. Ertuğul Bey was aware that he wanted stronger and more ruthless enemies on his way to his sacred cause. Was his sword sharp enough to defeat his new enemies?

Ertuğrul Bey was in another world. And the world wanted more mind, courage and patience than to run. Templars, who were more powerful and cruel, would force Ertuğrul Bey to find new ways of victory. Because Simon's secret hand was too clever and strong to be killed by a sword. Besides, Simon wouldn't be alone. What would Ertuğul Bey do when he learned about the Muslims who supported Simon? Ertuğul Bey was in a hell where the swords were painted and spoken by their minds. Was his mind able to protect him from the hell flames?

The Karacadağ slopes had been the residence of many Turkmen people. But Çavdaroğlu Obasi, who was originally a tatar, was among the most powerful. They took their power from Candar Bey, who had no fault of fault and ruled with an iron note. Candar Bey, who had kept her power for years, would give her biggest test with her children. Candid Bey's eldest son Ural's ambition to determine the fate of oba. Will the tension between Çavdaroğlu and Kayı Obası stop Candar Bey's move? Ertugrul Bey, Çavdaroğlu Obas never expected to receive offers and threats. So, where and how will the road to Kayılar and Rye be crossed? Every decision by Ertuğrul was expected to be new for both women and men.

Ertugrul was now master of oba. Obada had new problems. He was tired of the migration path, and was caught between his nation and his souls. For them, this test would not be easy. Ertuğrul Bey, who fought against enemies, was waiting for new problems. Would they be able to protect the Kayler units, which were separated from their loved ones and faced the danger of famine?

For Ertuğrul, who faced treason, passion and mind-play, was the only goal. Being instrumental in the resurrection of a nation Bir

Published: January 16th Wednesday – 8pm

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