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adminDecember 31, 2018

Berk Oktay, Murat Serezli, Sarp Levendoglu and Yildiz Çağrı Atiksoy starred on Fox TV screens.

December 30, Warrior 60 episode why Fox TV

On Sunday evenings, Fox TV screens do not see the new episode in this week's Warrior series. Fox TV and serial manufacturers are not given any explanation. The prosecutor will be published on Fox TV screens on Sunday evening, January 6, 2019 at 20:00.

Is the warrior 60 episode fragment published? December 30, 2018

The new episode trailer was not released this week when the war, published on Fox TV screens, was removed from the broadcast stream this week and added to the "Love You Love" program.

What will be the new chapter of Warrior 60

Kilic Team and Turkish World soldiers were attacked during the training activity. While Ilya's power runs out, the terrorists limit the fire circuit when they take their hand and take their hand at the last minute. The result of the attack will affect the future of the Turkish Union as they dreamed while Kutalmış Pasha, Colonel Kopuz, Kılıç Timi and Turkish world soldiers shook deeply.

The Anmış The Warrior "series, which deals with the story of es Bordeaux Beret çı, the world's hero, is dedicated to every conceivable difficulty, working under the most difficult conditions in the world.

Challenging conditions don't scare them!

The film was directed by Berk Oktay, Murat Serezli, Sarp Levendoglu, Burç Kumbetlioğlu, Uğur Biçer, Bahadır Vatanoğlu, Gaye Turgut Evin, Ali Tarık Fındık and Doğan Bayraktar. Suleyman Cobanoglu did the camp's Warrior series in the shooting despite the difficult weather conditions, players did not know the winter.

Sarp Levendoğlu entered his new age on the snow cover!

Born in 1981, the popular actor Sarp Levendoğlu said hello to his new age in the set. To celebrate the birthday of all shooters, Eskişehir minus degrees that showed the mood of happiness, was read in the eyes.

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