Why did Selena Gomez enter a mental health treatment center again?

adminOctober 11, 2018

The recent stay at the Gomez treatment center occurred weeks after she was hospitalized twice for physical health problems. TMZ said the singer received medical attention after her white blood cell count became increasingly low, which is often caused by lupus.

The source told E! that after being treated once, Gómez returned to the hospital after feeling bad. MY! she knew that she suffered a panic attack after her second hospitalization, although this was not the only catalyst for her to seek mental health treatment again in a facility.

"This is a continuous problem," explained the source. "She is consistent, but she is committed to focusing on her mental and physical health."

Gómez, who is notoriously private, announced this September that he is taking an official break in social networks.

"Depression is something she has always fought for, but whenever she gets really bad for Selena, she retires from social networks and withdraws from people who are not a handful of people she trusts," a second source told E! News.

"Selena has been making a great effort recently to stay focused and not let her health affect her," said a third. "She has been actively writing new music, and moved to Orange County for a change of pace and a breath of air."

Selena Gómez, our day

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During her stay at the 2016 treatment center, Gómez underwent a dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), a type of cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy. She said fashion in 2017, "DBT has changed my life completely", adding: "I would like more people to talk about therapy, we are taught to be almost too resistant, to be strong, sexy, fresh and relaxed, Girl who is depressed We also need to feel authorized to fall apart. "

"She really likes DBT and is a great advocate of this," the first source told E! News on Thursday. "She wanted to come back.

The return of Gómez to rehabilitation also comes soon after his ex Justin Bieber he got engaged, then he says he got married Hailey Baldwin Following a whirlwind revived the summer romance. Gomez has not commented on the issues. The source told E! News that the singer has no contact with Bieber at all.

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