Why Bono, Pharrell and Michael Stipe pay tribute to this woman's dead cat? | Music

adminOctober 17, 2018

First name: Souris the cat.

Years: Dead since 2014.

Appearance: Immortal.

Hey, where's my trigger warning for scary ghost cats? Relax. Souris is not literally immortal, but nevertheless, it has been commemorated in a spectacular way.

OK, where is my activation warning for taxidermy? It is not that either. He just published an album about his life, titled Souris Calle, that's all.

So, where is my activation warning for mourning meditations recorded in the home of morbally atonal teenagers? You do not understand. The album is not in the news because it exists. It's in the news because it presents almost all the guest stars you can think of.

Go then, impress me. Pharrell is in the album. That's how nationals are. The same goes for Laurie Anderson, Jarvis Cocker, Jean-Michel Jarre and Michael Stipe.

Yes, but where is Bono? He is also in the album. He is on the first track, Message to Souris, in fact. He reads a poem that says: "Suddenly, as if I was awake / She turns her face towards yours / And with a start you see / Tiny, inside the golden amber of her eyeballs".

Right. Listen, it gets better. Jeanne Cherhal offers a beautiful song directed by a piano called Sans Ma Souris. Brigitte offers the daring waltz Souriais-tu Là ?, while Souris Nocturne de Stipe is a lament without words. To Cat Called Souris de Cocker, on the contrary, is delivered in a whisper of Gainsbourg in full rule.

I'm sorry, but I just like death metal. Then let me point you to the Tactical Reborn track by Linus Ohrn. It's, as you may have guessed, a 62-second death metal song. About a dead cat.

What is special about this dead cat? Maybe you should ask yourself what is special about its owner. Souris belonged to Sophie Calle, a conceptual artist famous in her native France for the highly personal nature of her work. Prior to this, she was most famous for The Address Book (1983), in which she contacted and interviewed all those listed in an address book she found on the street.

IN AGREEMENT. There was also Room With a View (2002), in which he slept in a bed at the top of the Eiffel Tower and invited members of the public to read his bedtime stories. And Cuídate (2007), where he invited 107 women, including a parrot and a puppet, to interpret a breaking email that he had just received.

All this is very confusing. Do not get confused Despite the sad nature of the material, Souris Calle is possibly his most accessible work so far. It's a really lovely album.

There are no artistic tricks at all? No. Except that "Souris" is French for "mouse", so yes.

Say "What a wonderful way to treat the death of a beloved pet."

Do not tell "Usually, I just throw mine through the swamp."

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