Why are singles so happy to get to the balance?

adminNovember 27, 2018

The farmers in season 13 of "Amour are in the oath" around the host Karine Le Marchand. – Cecile ROGUE / M6

This is the game. Unfortunately, as every year, 100% of the singles Love is in the meadow has not found his soul mate. But for them they call the revenge hour. In fact, at this last meeting of all
Farmers of the season, those who came alone leave with
letters they could not read during the show. And there are many.

Because, before you get into the hands of the farmers, "the entire record is read upstream of production, which makes a pre-sorting, explains production. Let's remove the letters that do not match what farmers want. We seek authenticity. Reasons prevent letters from reaching the goal: If the author is divorced but not divorced, or is more interested in attending the show to watch television than seeking love, for example.

Lots of hope in the mail not open

"Emeric reads 90 letters, but received a lot more," says production. In the balance it gives him the opportunity to catch up. "I brought two big suitcases to get all my mail back today," explains handsome Breton. I crashed with my competitors, but that's not a mistake. I really hope to find the woman in my life in the mail I have left. A wish is shared by other single farmers.

"I can not wait to get my post, to create my own idea of ​​the men who wrote to me without going through the production filters. I'm hopeful, Aurelia enthusiasts. The show has almost been a psychotherapy. I feel bigger, easier, It feels good. And Aurelia is not the only one who has released some demons through the show and feels clearer than ever for love.

"For us, it's just the beginning"

Patrice says he is also curious to see my post. I have to close a cycle with the broadcast of the show. On the one hand it's over to me, but on the other hand it's not. I went a long way. And if he believes that "there is no fire", he hopes to find love in the remaining letters, always without rushing things.

Production notes that this year, "many have focused on one person and therefore have taken risks." That is, in case of failure with the happy chosen, there was nothing (and especially nobody) catching up. "I can not wait to get my mail back, my adventure is on TV for other women to spot me," said Ricou. This is not a mistake, it was just beautiful things, beautiful meetings. For us it's just the beginning. "

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