Why are everyone talking about BirdBox: A Blind? : Direct line

adminDecember 26, 2018

Mexico City.- The new Netflix movie, star player Oscar winner Sandra Bullock, Trevant Rhodes and Jhon Malkovich, make a pretty splash among the movie buffers and subscribers on the Netflix streaming platform, where it premieres Friday.

The Danish film Susanne Bier is considered one of the best films of the year, at least by fans, a post-apocalyptic scene in which the characters must fight against a mysterious force that should not literally appear in the face.

Bullock returns to take the throw despite a loose script, and whose character reminds us of Ryan Stone, lost the astronaut in the degree of gravity directed by Alfonso Cuarón, for the need to survive in a world invaded by aliens who have condemned humanity to go blind … not to open your eyes to the outside because the light causes suicidal thoughts.

Most critics agree that the film's biggest problem lies in the script, an adaptation whose changes to the book were not entirely successful. One of the weak points is some dialogues and sequences that ultimately explain the viewer what will happen, draw excitement from the story.

BirdBox: A Ciegas wasted actors like John Malcovich, but with a greater success for the reviewers, it is Sandra Bullock's work that gives her character with truth, and gives him a rich psychological history.

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