"Who will be a millionaire": Put on the phone joker at "Hüttengaudi"

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Usually telephone joker is very valuable, on Monday night with "becoming a millionaire" phone however, all three candidates in vain. A phone joker baffles Günther Jauch with a special request. The program is under the motto "Hüttengaudi", including several performances by DJ Ötzi.

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The starting point on Monday night caused fear. The floor of the studio "Who will be a millionaire" was laid out with a snow-like carpet, ski, snowboard and a miniature alpine cabin that created an alpine atmosphere.

After a few minutes, DJ Ötzi had his first appearance and beat his hit "Ein Stern", the audience clapping enthusiastically to the playback number. In recent months and years RTL has already presented some variants of "Who wants to be a millionaire", but the motto "Hüttengaudi 2019" was certainly the most unusual.

In general, the inflation-specific issues are controversial with fans of "Who wants to be a millionaire", but while for example, gambling special or celebrity special has long since established, it seems difficult to imagine a combination of poster-party and serious quiz show.

Fortunately, fear was not confirmed. Aside from a few DJ Ötzi short stories about the advertising blocks, the two-hour program was quite normal.

All the candidates have something to do with winter sports

However, it was a special feature. All the candidates to choose from had something to do with winter tourism, skiing or snowboarding. For example, it was Kristian Schneider, an orthopedist from Münster, who is currently working with his specialist in St. Moritz in Switzerland, and is there to pick up the damaged skiers again.

The 29-year-old played quite safely to the 32,000-euro question, but spent three jokers. Only the phone was joking to answer the following questions:

Which athletes are most represented in the 2018 "Forbes" list of the world's highest paid athletes?

A: Basketballs

B: Footballer

C: Formula 1 drivers

D: Golfers

Schneider called his fellow student Dr. Lino Witte, who initially presented himself quite brash and optimistic. "If I could help him now, can I get rid of as a candidate?" He asked Günther Jauch.

When the question was read, it became quiet at the other end of the line. "Wow, I don't know," Witte said, just before the clock was down.

"If you give the right answer, you can search, and if you give the wrong answer, you can also search, but if you don't have the answer … yes," Jauch couldn't resist making a punctual comment. Candidate Schneider was not helped by this, although he was strongly inclined to the right solution "basketball player", he went home with 16,000 euros.

Extra Jokerin helps with the right solution

Normally the phone joker is very valuable, but somehow the worm was in it. Also, Martin Reuscher, ski instructor from Cologne, was not helped when he needed help with the € 32,000 question.

What has recently been featured in many supermarkets with a four level symbol similar to a compass?

A: Sweets

B: Beer bottles

C: fresh meat

D: tropical fruit

Reuschers uncle Achim Stollenwerk presented himself quite stylishly already in the presentation, after the question was read, he answered briefly and scarcely "tropical fruits". "Yes, yes?" The candidate asked. "No," replied the uncle monosyllabic again. Then the time was over.

"Was he in public service before?" Asked the entertaining Jauch. After all, a lady from the audience can add extra joker to the right solution "fresh meat" and help out at 32,000 euros, which Reuscher then went home.

Destroyed jeans are almost a tripping hazard

The third candidate in the evening had no joker luck. Katja Gericke, who runs a skiing and snowboarding business in Paderborn, played 50:50 joker and phone jack of 16,000 euros question.

What's new in many stores?

A: Broken jeans

B: killed hats

C: exploded shoes

D: Ruined Jackets

Gericke called Werner Peintinger, but he had "no clue". The candidate also took 50:50 Joker, "A:" and "C:" stopped. After some consideration, Gericke chose the right solution "Destroyed Jeans", and a little later she said goodbye with 16,000 euros.

Fittingly DJ Ötzi gave "Bella Ciao" the best and meant everyone that the motto in the evening was "Hüttengaudi" and everything could have been much worse.

In the celebrity special of "Who wants to be a millionaire?" So many a prominent rifle took place for a good cause. But which candidate broke the million jackpot and which star had to pay for less?

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