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adminDecember 28, 2018

The year comes slowly in the end. It will be properly celebrated. But while we still have three days to wait for the big party, celebrate RTL with "Who wants to be a millionaire"New Year's Eve specializes New Year already.

And we are celebrating right away. You can read the funniest questions, the most beautiful anecdotes and the smartest answers in our ticker.

9:25 p.m.:

Fun alternative on "Who wants to be a millionaire"The candidate can get his prize in cash if he distributes it to the public. Surprisingly, never before. It doesn't matter on Mazdak now. He fails in the music issue and goes home with 16,000 euros. And a fortune cake!

9:21 p.m.:

She is also smart. She helps her son-in-law to spend 16,000 euros.

21.18 clock:

Mazdak is now trying to get her mother-in-law. Marriage proposal please RTL,

9:16 p.m.:

Mazdak too. He jumps on "Who wants to be a millionaire"In the direction of 16,000 euros.

9:15 p.m.:

Football issues: How did the World Cup final? We know it !!!

21.11 clock:

Crash Info: Because Mazdak has a Sparkassen card, he gets two Whopper at Burger King for the price of one. Scandal on "Who will be a millionaire". Where's Wallraff when you need him?

21.01 clock:

Now it is lubricated. Jauch is Mazda's biggest model. The reason is Madrid Torvar. The battle between Real and BVB where a goal collapsed and for several hours could not be replaced. Since the presenter and candidate expire as in the football shop is spoken.

8:59 p.m.:

While we taste the cake, Mazdak has already come to 1000 euros. And Mazdak has the lucky coin. Now it begins!

8:55 p.m.:

In the money it gets baked. Whoever finds it probably has year over luck. Jauch and Mazdak finds nothing. Then it is clear how this ends.

8:53 p.m.:

On the quiz table Mazdak (25). He is so shocked that he has unfortunately forgotten what he is studying. He has Macedonian cake for it.

20.50 clock:

Now the candidates come from all over the world: Mexico, Poland, Austria, Germany, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, America …

One of them fills his pants before he puts them on … um, yes.

8:48 p.m.:

"Happy born is better than born rich" is in Jauch's fortune-cake. In his Pechkeks: "I would like to prophesy something good, but then I had to lie to you!"

At 8.45 pm

We also found here a fortune cake that said in the desk: "With small contradictions, they will easily handle!"

That is right!

8:41 p.m.:

No problem: G√ľnther Jauch is finally a nice one. He will read it to her. After "Who wants to be a millionaire"Advertising ūüôĀ

20.40 clock:

As a goodbye gift, it's a lucky and a pitch cookie for G√ľnther Jauch. Be Doris your New Year's Eve tradition. Unfortunately, she can't read what's on it. Forget about glass.

8:36 p.m.:

Exit on and off. In the literature problem, Doris comes out and takes home 125,000 euros.

8:35 p.m.

The trailer is now loose in it. From the rest she will make a great family holiday. Jauchs Counter: It is 1.5 years of Lake Garda in it! But Doris didn't want to leave that long.

8:32 p.m.:

He is right. It's dear. It can contain traces of a bacterium. It is bad for Kleen's stomach.

8:32 p.m.:

Media questions for 125,000 euros: Good that Doris NEN doctor as a telephone joker. He knows what is unhealthy for children in their first year of life: dear!

8:30 p.m.:

After Doris had her chimney failure, there was also reconciliation with Dad. lucky.

8:27 p.m.:

Everyone knows Latinum: Silva means forest.

8:25 p.m.:

Great story on "Who wants to be a millionaireDoris didn't have Abi because she just didn't go to the exam. In reluctance. Dad had forbidden her to ride a motorcycle.

8:24 p.m.:

New Year's Eve Question: What does New Year's Eve really mean? W√ľstensohn, stable boy, Waldmann or milk farmer?

8:21 p.m.:

Must demonstration, begging … By the way, Doris wants to buy a Peter Lustig trailer for kids from the money. Nice idea. We keep your fingers crossed!

8:20 p.m.:

The question is a bit complicated. We shorten: Which month is most common in a proverb? Correct answer: May!

8:16 p.m.:

Hihi: What can be over 40 inches long? A: Coatien's nose B: Duckbill's beak C: The tower of the stick or D: Murmuring of the groundhog …. Well ?? Right is the spine.

8:15 pm:

Madness, confetti counts directly to the start. It can give something. From the Christmas special still there: The Doris.

20.12 clock:

Hello and welcome to "Who wants to be a millionaire"Ticker. Today is New Year's Eve special and we could see in the preview … IT'S SHAMPOO! So bowl, friends, let's start!


RTL presents some new features in the quiz classic "Who wants to be a millionaire".


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So every candidate wants a certain motto – his own culture. What kind of habits he cares about, what should I eat, which clothes are right on New Year's Eve?

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In line with this, RTL also treats the candidates for special foods and beverages. Saw nothing with the usual glass of water.

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Of course it will be quizzed anyway. Of course, the questions asked are still secret. But we keep you updated at 8.15 pm.

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