Who will be a millionaire: A difficult sports issue for 32,000 euros

adminJanuary 8, 2019

Kristian Schneider had to think long about the question of 32,000 euros.

This sports question for "Who will be a millionaire" was worth 32,000 euros – would you have known?

"Who will be a millionaire" will start the new quiz year, when the old one ended: with a special program. This time around the theme "Hüttengaudi". You can do that, but you don't need to. Regardless. One who went to the cabin was Kristian Schneider. He was able to answer the following selection questions as the fastest in 4.03 seconds:

Go after your skiing holiday in Austria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland.

A: Davos
B: Winterberg
C: Sold
D: Val Gardena

Of course, the proper classification was Sölden for Austria, Winterberg for Germany, Val Gardena for Italy and Davos for Switzerland.

29-year-old Kristian Schneider visits Günther Jauch. image: screenshot rtl

The German lives in St. Moritz and does the acute surgical part of his specialist training there – right next to the ski slope.

The first five questions up to the 500 euro mastered Schneider bravos. Would you have done that?

For the 1000 Euro question, Schneider stumbled for the first time. And with this question:

Even Günther Jauch had to admit that he had not heard any of the four concepts ever. The public joker continued to help, 91% knew the answer "Quark in the shop window" is correct.

At 2000 euros, Schneider had no problems. Solved he knew the answer to the following questions:

Gate, Brandenburg Gate is called the English Brandenburg Gate. Since we have prepared it, we can use 4000 Euro together with Kristian Schneider:

Schneider knew without effort that only tippers in Canada might be right. For 8000 Euro, Günther Jauch wanted to know:

Schneider suspected and secured 50:50 Joker. Pietro Lombardi is in the "DSDS" jury since this year. With two remaining Joker, it goes to the 16,000 Euro question.

Schneider is pretty sure A "Japan" is right. But he doesn't dare. The public individual joker helps and confirms: Japan is right.

With another Joker, it goes to 32,000 euros. And to this difficult question.

Schneider does not exclude Formula 1 drivers and golfers. Trends strong for basketball players, but do not dare again, without protection. The phone joker must come from. "I don't know," is the unsatisfactory answer.

Schneider is wondering if he still trusts the basketball players. But he does it as the eternal man: he dares not. Schneider takes 16,000 euros.

If basketball was right? Yes. And clearly. About 40 of the 100 highest paid athletes are basketball players. For comparison, football players are 9, Formula 1 drivers 3 and Golfers 5.

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Whether our quiz genius Dani Huber knew it despite sports weakness?

Video: Watson / Lya Saxer

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