Who was the winner of the week with Zuhal Topal? Zuhal Topal la Sofrada final final

adminDecember 28, 2018

Zuhal Topal la Sofrada today was the last thrill. The brides prepared the most beautiful dishes and presented to the taste of the mother-in-law discussions, the fighting never lacks. Zuhal Topal la Sofrada program every week on Fridays at 4.30 pm comes to the screen. Dec. 28, Zuhal Topal & # 39; la Sofrada programming the winner of the week, winning the 10,000 pound grand prize. Here 28th of December Zuhal Topal & # 39; let Sofrada final of the week …


On Monday: Öznur Kuş and mother-in-law Mercan Hanım: 21 points
Tuesday: Tuğba Özdemir and Kaynanası erife Hanım: 23 points
On Wednesday: Çiğdem Demirtürk and mother-in-law Semra Demirtürk: 10 points
On Thursday: Pınar Altay and mother-in-law Nuray Altay: 18 points
On Friday: Cannur Üren and mother-in-law Selma Üren: 18 points

The first of the week was the first of the week with the TOPAL!

Zuhal Topal & # 39; s Sofrada final of the week at the dinner table was made by Cannur Hanim. Zuhal Topal & # 39; la Sofrada the first week of the week, after the updated meals and given points became apparent. First, Zuhal Topal's points for the brides were finally announced.

Contact Tuğba directly receives 23 assessment was the winner of the week and won the big prize.


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