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The Light Research Platform chose more than 10 names in the world's most influential personalities in fashion in 2018, according to research conducted and identified who had a significant impact on people's tastes and choices in fashion. You know them below, according to the website "Arabic".

1- Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner ranked first in the fashion world. Kim Kardashian's younger sister was able to build a cosmetic empire at the age of 21, which resulted in the number of followers in the Ingestam area being around 115 million.

This year she won her first child and earned the title of the youngest billionaire himself. Kailie registered more than 2 million searches online. Her pink dress on the occasion of her birthday, the search for "rosary dress" online rose by around 107 per cent for 48 hours. She followed her with it.

Kylie Jenner

Kim Kardashian:

Realistic television star Kim Kardashian has been ranked number two in the world's most influential fashion scene and has entered the fashion story this year with the world's most influential CFDA award.

In addition to FF's appeal, when Fendi had a full adornment, the search for fashion of this old Italian house increased by 16%.

Kim Kardashian

3 – Megan Marckle

The influence of the Duchess of Saxony continues to expand globally, making it the number 3 in the list of the most influential in fashion this year. The Megane Marquel wedding scene has caused more quest for both Givenchy and Stella McCartney.

Megane fashion, inspired by millions of women around the world, launched this year's fashion of turtleneck and tuxedo. The statistics showed that the search for each brand that was carried by 200% increased the week after its appearance.

Megan Marshall

4 – Cardi B:

In the world of fashion 2018, rapper Cardy P has been ranked fourth in the fashion world, along with Anna Ventur, editor of Vogue magazine, during the exhibition by designer Alexander Wang.

Throughout the year, it has been able to raise the search on the Internet for all designers and labels worn out from their signature.

Cardi P.

5. Beyonce

Beyonce was ranked fifth among the most influential figures in this year's fashion world and was stolen from her appearance at the Cochilla Festival, where she was the first woman with a colorful skin to participate in this international musical event. Find this online home with 58%.

Regarding the pink dress she wore during her last song, the search for "pink suits" increased on the site last summer.


6. Serena Williams

Tennis champion Serena Williams is known for his striking views of the stadiums, making her the sixth most influential place in fashion. This year, she launched the black fashion tournament for tennis players, increasing the search by 108% on the Internet.

Serena Williams

7. Kiara Veragni

The Italian chieftain Chiara Virajni was ranked seventh among the most influential this year. In September, she married a Dior dress and followed her marriage to 15 million people at Instagram, and increased the search for Dior by 109 percent the week after her wedding.

Kiyara Virajny

8. Blake Live:

Hollywood star Blake Lifley was ranked 8th among the most influential women in the world, and the women's suit was a favorite of her in 2018. In one of her promotions by A Simple Favor, she dressed a cream-colored suit from Ralph Lauren. The dragons are signed by American designer Ralph Lauren.

Blake Live

9. Rihanna

The Barbadian star Rihanna is an influential figure in the fashion world, and the success of her Fenty brand in fashion and beauty is proof of it. All this made the ninth in our list.

The pink Rihanna dress that was used on her 30th anniversary and the YSL signature lost markets immediately after appearance. Her appearance at the Gucci Festival, signed by Gucci, increased the search for the brand by 19%.


10. Ariana Grande

The number of followers of the star Ariana Grandi at Instagram is 136 million, and they form an army that monitors the style of elegance, and it is represented by. All of this has increased the search for characters that have been worn this year in large quantities, including Reebok, Burberry and Vera Wang. The search for "wide tibes" usually carries up 130%.

Ariana Grandi

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