Who was the first girlfriend of fantefan Bănică Junior. She was the wife of a well-known TV presenter from us

adminDecember 30, 2018

Fantefan Bănică Junior was in love with Cabral's former wife, Luana Ibacka, when he was a student. The latter was a schoolmate with the famous artist. Love inspired the artist to dedicate to his former TV presenter a song called "Luana", which appeared on his first album, "An Actor, a Rocknroll."

"You know I was good at high school. I'm even shy now. I didn't want to talk to a girl. There were oracles, you make girls! It was my colleague I was in love with the sixth grade, Luana Gârciag, Luana is Cabral's ex-wife, to whom I also made a song, the maximum relationship being that she made me an oracle.

You were hand-to-face at the time, that was what it was. Of course, you had to have something in common with her. At that age you are interested in what you do not have, breasts, figures, but what do you do when you have nothing to say when you do not change two words. You see, I wasn't interested in Pleşu and Liiceanu.

With endowments ending fast enough! When I got tired, I said I was tired and wondered if her parents knew where she was ", Banu Andrea Esca told the European FM about her first love, according to viva.ro.

Fantefan Bănică Junior is one of the most famous and appreciated artists in the Romanian music industry. Personally, he was twice married and has two children. Currently Stefan Bănică is a family with singer Lavinia Pîrva, of whom the two will be parents next year.

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