Who was Carlos Sanchez, the face of Juan Valdez for nearly four decades?

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This Antioqueno went around the world not only to promote Colombian coffee in countless events, but it was immortalized in the Café de Colombia logo along with its faithful mule Conchita.

The name of Carlos Sanchez may not be as well known all over the world as his face for a simple reason: for 37 years he played the character of Juan Valdez, the typical Colombian coffee farmer, who himself appeared on Hollywood screens in 2003, the movie "Bruce Almighty, "starring actor Jim Carrey.

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This character, a man from sun to sun, mustache, hat and career, is responsible for promoting Colombian coffee since 1960, even in countries in Asia and Europe. The first to give life was José Duval, an actor with Cuban and American roots, until 1969, when Sanchez won the role, which he did not allow for nearly four decades.

Carlos José Sánchez, husband of Alma Cataño, father of Carlos Fernando and Mónica María and grandfather of Amalia and Maria José died this Saturday for 83 years, in Medellin, following complications associated with respiratory infection.

A native of Fredonia, Antioquia, and of course a coffee dancer, he cultivated passions as a painting, which he continued to dedicate after delivering the character of Juan Valdez to a new generation.

As a representative of the coffee maker par excellence, was in commercials, films and everything that will carry the triangular seal "Coffee of Colombia", which since 1981 was shown with the faithful mule Conchita. The name of Juan Valdez even served in 2002 to baptize the chain of stores that were born with the purpose of providing VAT to the national grain, which produces more than 500,000 families, and promotes the culture of coffee in the country.

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It was four years later, in 2006, that the longest of Juan Valdez honored Carlos Castañeda. "I will always remember the teacher's teacher Carlos Sánchez. Always in our memory. Q.E.P.D", is the message published through the character's official account, along with photographs of Sánchez and Castañeda.

Through social networks, Union leaders such as Roberto Vélez, head of the Federation of Coffee Masters, and Jorge Bedoya, president of the Colombian Farmers Association, as well as ministers, ex-ministers, journalists and many Colombians have expressed their gratitude and surrendered to Carlos Sánchez for having left the name of Colombia on high for so many years.

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