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"Who is going to be a millionaire" at RTL: Spectators are pissed off at Hüttengaudi-Spezial – then DJ Ötzi also enters the scene

The look of DJ Ötzi on

The appearance of DJ Ötzi on "Who Will Be a Millionaire" did not come well with many viewers.

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Muelheim. "Who should be a millionaire?" is the absolute multi-year favorite on German television. it RTLThe show has been running since 1999 and continues to bring good grades to the station. In addition to the regular shows run again and again special editions of "Who is going to be a millionaire?", who should ease the format.

Above all, viewers of the established celebrity see the special or "Zocker Spezial". But this Monday, January 7, RTL not only managed the concept of the show a bit.

"Who will be a millionaire?": Kitsch curtain and bouquets of flowers

Since the station shows "cabin fun special". Slightly discreetly placed in the studio is the eponymous cabin. Of course, just with kitsch curtains and bouquets.

Special did not go well with the crowd. Especially the appearance of DJ Ötzi caused a shaking of the head. On Twitter, many users complained about the performance of the singers:

For special mockery DJ Ötzi gave an interpretation of the anti-fascist classic "Bella Ciao". "It's probably the worst thing since Heino on techno with DJ Playback" tweeted a user. And another says: "Even at Malle there are more levels in the audience than the Ötzi jubilee."

The really deeply moving song was DJ Ötzi's clumsy thigh knocker.

Candidates did not just have to answer ski questions

Luckily it did RTL But not just ski issues. Only the candidates had a snowy background. Like Cologne Martin Reuscher. He has, among other things, come up with a naked ski trip. Cycling did not seem to be the favorite hobby of the young Cologne.

+++ DJ Ötzi in the WEST interview: I was a door opener for German hit, not Helene Fischer! +++

Asked what RS1 was meant for, which according to the plan was to run once a hundred kilometers through the Ruhr area, Reuscher desperately wanted.

The "bikes, taxis, hikers or paddle boats" response options helped him a little longer. Then it had to judge the audience. And fortunately it can help. With a large majority, ladies and gentlemen voted for answer A, the bikes.

"Who wants to be a millionaire": Candidate desperate for supermarket issues

Just right. It didn't take long for Reuscher to stumble again. At 32,000 euros the question of "Who wants to be a millionaire"He didn't know again." What has recently been labeled in many supermarkets with a four-level symbol similar to a compass? A: Sweets B: Beer bottles C: Fresh meat D: Tropical fruit ".

Phone disturbances on "Who will become a millionaire"

Sales manager had no plan, first called educated engineer Achim Stollenwerk. Unhappy: So wouldn't connect. It rattled and clacked just in line. Stollenberg itself was difficult to understand. A problem still to occur later in the program. So a later Joker had to be called once again.

Fortunately, the connection can be repaired quickly. But already Telefonjoker's first answer to the question of Günther JauchWhat he wanted to advise Martin if he already had 16,000 euros was innovative. In the deepest Kölsch, the master engineer replied: "Then he'll keep her and go home."

Not a very good start. And even with the question, the joker was overwhelmed. His answer: "tropical fruits" later proved to be wrong.

"Aldi South" shopper can help

Fortunately, it was a resourceful Aldi South employee who was extra joker. The buyer from Düsseldorf could help Reuscher. Her answer: "C: fresh meat." Just right.

She still has a little murder Günther Jauch, "As far as I know, the symbol was first with Lidl." He smiled and then in the Aldi shopper's direction. She could handle it. She finally got the reward money for the right answer.

But then it was over. With 32,000 euros, Reuscher went home in the cathedral city.

"Who will be a millionaire" at RTL: Curious telephone chatter

It became particularly strange with the Oberhausener doctor Dr. Kristian Schneider. It called at 32,000 euros question his colleague Lino Witte on. The question: "Which athletes are most represented in the 2018 & # 39; Forbes" list of the world's 100 most paid athletes? "

Answer options: "A: basketball player, B: football player, C: Formula 1 driver or D: golfer"

But before Dr. Witte wanted to answer at all, he made a curious state. So he would, if he answered the question correctly, soon on "Who wants to be a millionaire"Join us.

Yes, it is Günther Jauch was not involved in this claim. He only urged the doctor to apply. Finally Witte did not know the right answer. So Kristian Schneider had to get rid of 16,000 euros. By the way, the right answer was C.


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The Apres-ski motto, which is a little used to, is crowned by the appearance of the cab star DJ Ötzi. The Austrian will present the selection questions with moderator Günther Jauch and sing at least one song as well.

Fans of the WWM in the apron are a little excited

Candidates must also follow the motto of the show. "The candidates at the quiz summit today are just people who have something to do with skiing, skiing, cabin fun or winter in general," writes RTL,

On the Facebook page of "Who will be a millionaire?"Viewers responded little enthusiastically to the special." Do you have to make something special from each show? Only classic WWM would be enough for me, "says one user. And another says:" So slow is the special offer! Are there any common episodes in between? "

"Who will be a millionaire" at RTL: This is the odds of that special

RTL has presented Tuesday morning, the odds for cabin special with DJ Ötzi. On Twitter, the station writes: "4.32 million viewers and a good 13.7% (from 3 years) and 11.8% (14-59 years) saw the wintery WWM yesterday."

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