Who replaces Iulia Albu in Bravo, you have style! He is a well-known artist

adminDecember 29, 2018

Together with Ilinca Vandici, moderator of the show, and the three jury members Cătălin Botezatu, Maurice Munteanu and Raluca Bădulescu, Pepe is the star who completes "Bravo, ai style!" – Made, during the first week, which takes on the jury's seat.

Pepe is the new lawyer from Bravo, you have a style for a week

Pepe is very happy to be sworn in Bravo, you have style for a week. He thinks this is a real challenge for him, and he hopes to succeed. "We have accepted this challenge with great pleasure," confirms Pepe.


Pepe is sworn on the Bravo table, you have style for a week

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