Who replaced Alex Velea by "Direct access": "Don't help my face for social issues"

adminJanuary 11, 2019

After the beginning of the week, in the first edition of the new season, Simona Gherghe announced Alex Velea's departure from "Access Direct", Trusten introduced him as co-host of the show to one of the Black White actors Andrei Ştefănescu, 41, who has performed in several exhibitions of Antena 1 in recent years.

It seems that this idea belonged to Dan Capatos (45), presenter of the night show "Xtra Night Show", which he himself said: "Everyone knows I am the master of the blunder. Have you started at 17:00? Isn't it a co-author Simone Gherghe, instead of Alex Velea, starts this season is Andrei Ştefănescu. It just goes under the entertainment parts of the show. An idea that my bosses stole and placed it by direct access. "

Thus Andrei Ştefănescu will present only the entertainment parts of the show, the artist considers that social issues do not suit him: "We have had two appearances so far. It was nice. At the end of the show, when the entertainment starts the show. Don't help my face for social issues Are you aware of how I look seriously at Simona? I don't think I would be able to sit down to talk … ".

Andrei Ştefănescu

Andrei Ştefănescu, who recently returned from the movie "Asia Express: Elephant's Road", is part of the Black White band along with Kamara. He is also known for his performances with Liviu Vârciu in Antena 1 shows, such as Asia Express, "You are invited to Nea Mărin / Hail for us", but also for our role as presenter on the "IUmor" program.

Simona Gherghe, in the announcement of the resignation of Alex Velea, mentioned the reason why the artist ended the collaboration with Antena 1: "As you can see, I am alone today, and then I will be from now on and even this will I start the show and the new season, first and foremost, thank Alex Velea for the last season, because he was a wonderful colleague Alex, you all know, he has a good career in music and I find it pretty hard to be good There and come to a two hour daily schedule. It's quite complicated so he chose to continue his musical projects, especially since I know he's preparing something very cool. So thank you, Alex Velea and a lot of luck in the future. "

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