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Published during the day at the ATV Muge Anli Sweet Palin family participating in the program called Hard, it turned out to be one of the most controversial issues in Turkey since the end of last week.

Eve Palu, along with her sons Jesus and Fatih Palu, searched for Anlı's program to find her daughter Meryem who disappeared in 2008, and her grandson Melike, who passed away a year later.

The information that appeared in each release of the program led to some claims of some family members, such as child abuse, murder and domestic violence.

Who is the Palu family?

The Palu family lived in Kocaeli a few weeks ago.

At the end of December, Havva Palu applied to the Sweet Hard program with Müge Anlı and his sons, Jesus and Fatih, and requested that the missing daughter and grandchild be found.

Meryem Tahnal, in 2008; her daughter Melike Tahnal also disappeared in 2009.

Mother Havva Palu, in her statement to the police in 2011, explained that her daughter, Maryam Tahnal, had been tied to a tree by Tuner Ustael, the second daughter of Emine, to be punished;

According to the same statement, Mary Tahnal was buried in the Tütünçiftlik district of Kocaeli by his brother Isa Palu and his brother Tuncer Ustael.

Anne Havva Palu, again in her 2011 statement, told her grandson Melike that she had been drinking spirits, then vinegar, before Tuner Ustael, on the grounds that "she fled into a gin". According to the statement, Melike died shortly after.

Palu Palu said he had washed Melike and had buried him in a white sheet.

This statement was supported by other family members, and the survey was initiated by the relevant security and prosecuting authority.

However, while the trial was underway, the Palu family completely changed its statement and said it was "threatened".

The investigation was continued since the extraction of the statements and the search for the bodies at that time did not yield results.

Fatih Palu (left), Christ Palu (center) and Eve Palu (right)

The Palu family blames it?

The Palu family blames the Tahnal family for the losses and for a number of incidents.

There are two kinds of kinship between Palular and Tahnallar.

Emine, Eve Palu's sister, is married to a member of the Tahnal family.

The other connection is that the lost Maria Aunt Emine Tahnal was married to her husband's brother. However, Mary Tahnal's wife was killed in 2008 by her father, Harun Palu.

The Palu family claims that Maria disappeared in 2008 and Melike, who has not been heard from 2009, is with members of the Tahnal family.

The Palu family also claims that the Tahnal family has been involved in a number of crimes such as organ mafia, murder and child abduction.

Emine Tahnal, who participates in the program, rejects all claims against her and her husband's family.

Emine Tahnal says the sister and nephews aren't "mentally unstable" and she hasn't met for a long time.

Emine Ustael (left), Tuner Ustael (right)

Who is the Tuner Ustael?

The main focus of the discussions is Tuncer Ustael, the son-in-law of the Palu family.

A number of very serious claims were raised during the publication of the program about Tuner Ustael, the daughter of Eve Palu, married to the lost Mary Palu sister Emine Ustael.

After joining the program about Ustael, it turned out that it was an arrest warrant violating the decision to remove a psychologist who identified the traces of physical violence and abuse in children, resulting in the removal of two children of social services.

Ustael, who was arrested after the first release, was released after serving a five-day prison sentence and continued to participate in the program.

Ustael in Başakşehir before 2008 as the site's deputy as expiration date for wafers past the expiration of the labels, reissued after the emergence of the post said.

Those who are looking for the program and who identify as those who know the family, in turn, claimed that Tuncer Ustael broke and raped the lost sister-in-law Maryam Tahnal. It is claimed that Ustael also used violence on his own wife.

However, Emine denied the allegations that she was abusing her spouse.

Also in Tuncer Ustael, who disappeared from his mother's side in 20 minutes and was found by the police in May 2008, and in August 2008 the son was tracked for sexual assault.

Meryem Tahnal's son told police at the time that his brother-in-law, who was the sexual harassment of himself, was executed by Tuner Ustael and his uncle İsa Palu.

However, these two files were not merged. Ustael's son was given back to the family while Mary Tahnal's son was transferred to the child welfare service. Meryem Tahnal's son has been in state protection since 2008.

Mary Tahnal's son also participated in the program, the loss of his sister Melissa and Tuner Ustael was left hungry and subjected to violence, he said.

There are also claims of Ustael that he is a person who has done activities such as writing amulets and spells and introducing himself as a "teacher".

The tuner Ustael strongly rejects all claims against him. Ustael claims that she and her husband had "great secrets" about the Tahnal family, which she described as "the mafia," and therefore conspired to her.

Why do the Palu Ustael family claim?

In the beginning of the most common questions about the Palin family in recent days, Internet users in Turkey are coming out with their case Ustael.

Ustael, in a chapter released last week, said she heard that Mary Tahnal's mother was buried by Eve Palu and showed the area in question.

Kocaeli Police Department, this statement by accepting excavation notice in the Tütünçiftlik region initiated.

But Havva Palu says that after his wife was put in prison, Tuner Ustael "took care of" them and squeezed them.

During the broadcasts, Havva Palus' own five houses in Istanbul and Kocaeli were also recorded at Tuner Ustael.

Havva Palu talks about Tuner Ustael as "semi-trainer".

Ustael & # 39; one in the family told himself that "spelling" is said to scare. Guest experts in the program Muge Anli, Ustael & um create a serious fear that makes the family dependent on him.

Some prisoners and prisoners in the same prison with Tuner Ustael called the program and claimed that Ustael "used magic by writing verse to stool" and attempted to scare others in prison.

Palu family, magic and jinn, as issues related to Prof. Dr. He also met Nihat Hatipoğlu.

According to the episode published by Müge Anlı and Tatlı Sert, Hatipoğlu said that these fears are out of place and that the family should see a doctor.

But in the last episode, Mother Eve Palu was seen and refused to enter her father's house because she was "enchanted".

Why not take steps to meet all these requirements?

Despite the very serious claims made in the program, Tuner Ustael and the other family members mentioned are still free. However, they have been known to remain in jail earlier.

Ustael and Isa Palu lived in jail for a while because they punished their aunts by spraying pepper gas. Mother Havva Palu was also imprisoned for 3 years and 2 months because of raped her violence.

The investigation of the disappearance of Meryem and Melike Tanhal continues. There are no arrests in this survey because the family has changed their expression.

In addition, the excavation work continues for the discovery of Meryem Tahnal's body.

Ustael was sentenced to five days in prison last week because he did not follow the decision of the psychologist who sent the children to the child welfare service.

There have been no advances in child abuse investigations, and the two files remain insignificant because they have not been merged.

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