Who is the author of the book Dead Souls? January 11 Let us answer the tip question!

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Today, 12.30 on the popular competition that will start again every day once again published the instagram account of the provisioning issue prepared. The question of the day is, what is the Russian author who says well Man is anything but a modern illness hastalık and who actually creates light on this word? Let us remind you that the most important work is Dead Souls. "We have researched and prepared the answer to the question of the question he shared." Today, 12,000 people will be asked the price, the 6,000 thousand TL award will be distributed.


Who is the Russian author who says that you are anything but a modern disease germ and who actually creates light on this word? Let us recall that his most important work is Dead Souls. "Who is the author of the book?

Russian author Nikolay Vasilievich Gogol is the one who writes the words in A Modern Disease. And say k The dead souls.


In 1809, Veliki Sorointside was born in today's Ukrainian territory. In 1836, Gogol published Burun, a surreal story written in a fun and sarcastic style in a magazine called Sovremennik, published by Pushkin, one of the most cheerful of his stories.

The author is strongly influenced by Pushkin. In fact, he thinks he can't write without criticism and suggestions. His friendship with Pushkin is the greatest force that protects him from brutal criticism.

Gogol's first serious and remarkable work is peoples with Ukrainian life and folk sayings.

Gogol collected the stories he wrote in 1831-1832 in the book Evening Meetings on Farm Near Dilanka. These stories lead Gogol to shine in the Russian literature world. In 1835 he published Mirgorod and Arabeski. In these books, folklore, especially Kazakh history, was studied.

In his stories, his daily life and his banal personalities were sometimes humorous and sometimes angry.

The Old Times, Arabeski is the first of these books. The Book of a Madman, one of the stories in the book Arabeski, tells how an official is bored with his routine life and work. At the end of the story, the officer is admitted to the mental hospital. His portraiture concludes with the voody that the world cannot escape from evil.

Gogol, who takes the bureaucratic procession with his work called ş The Great Comedy Inspector is, draws on all the lightning with the construction of his work. He must leave Russia because of the reactions. In Pushkin's recommendation in Rome, writing his most famous work, The Dead Souls, he noticed Pushkin's death. This news for him "the worst news that can come from Russia" is. For Gogol, who had never written anything without thinking about Pushkin before, this was a news demolition. In spite of the devastating effect of the death of the Pushkin, in 1842, the first volume and long history of the dead souls, two important works, were completed and released. While the dead souls really realize the decay of Russia, the common people's fault, the injustice of ordinary people and the poverty they experience, are obviously with a skill that will shake the reader with all their realities. This work will be described as one of the greatest works of the period. It can also be described as a realistic introduction of common people into Russian literature. Dostoyevsky told the story: "We all came out of Gogol's robe." he wants to say. The story publishes and the reaction of the noble part of Gogol attracts again. The period is the dark period of I. Nikola, where great pressures are inflicted on intellectuals. Gogol is accused of treason by the defenders, rejecting his people and betraying his people. But what he wants to do is not to humiliate the people, but to break down the corrupt order to reveal it with all its reality. These charges have also caused serious damage to the author's mental health.

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