Who is Paul Walker? How did Paul Walker die in the title role of the fast and furious series?

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In 2013, Paul Walker lost his life in the title role Fast and Furious. It was a good shock to Paul Walker, who died after a fan-busting event. How did Paul Walker die? Who was Paul Walker, how old was he?

American actor Paul Walker lost his life in a traffic accident in 2013 when he received worldwide recognition for his film Fast and Furious. Six years after Paul Walker's death, he does not forget the fans of the moment of death and continues to investigate his life. So who is Paul Walker? How old is he and how did he die?


He was born in California, USA on September 12, 1973. Former 2001 actor The Fast and the Furious, Brian O & # 39; Conner, is in the role of police officer. Fixed and the star of Öfkeli became the victim of the accident.

Famous actor Paul Walker, known for his role in the fast and furious ABD series of famous street racing movies, was killed in a car accident in Los Angeles on November 30, 2013. Paul Walker, a 40-year-old, was killed when his friend crashed a car. In the accident, the name of the famous player lost to his friend died. In the accident, the car hit a pole after the flame was reported to be.

Year – Name – Role
1986 Monster in the closet Clos Professor Bennett
1987 Programmed to Kill Jason
1994 Tammy and T-Rex Michael
1998 Meet Deesle's Phil Deedle
1998 Pleasantville Skip Martin
1999 Varsity Blues Lance Harbor
1999 She's all that Dean Sampson
1999 Brokedown Palace Jason
2000 The Skulls Caleb Mandrake
2001 The fast and furious Brian O & # 39; Conner
2001 Joy Ride Lewis Thomas
2002 Life makes sense if you are known Mikey
2003 Turbocharged Prelude Brian O & # 39; Conner
2003 2 Fast 2 Furious Brian & # 39; Conner
2003 Timeline Chris Johnston
2004 Christmas Mike Riley
2005 In Blue Jared
2006 Running Scared Joey Gazelle
2006 Eight Under Jerry Shepard
2006 Our fathers flag Hank Hansen
2007 Stories USA Mikey
2007 Death and life of Bobby Z Tim Kearney
2008 Lazarus project Ben Garvey
2009 Fast and Furious Brian O & # 39; Conner
2010 Takers John Rahway
2011 Quick Five Brian O & # 39; Conner
2012 Vehicle 19 TBA
2013 Furious Six Brian & # 39; Conner

Paul Walker's min


The fact that the famous actor died after the accident, not during the accident. The autopsy report showed that Walker did not die the moment he crashed and that he died after the accident in the flames.

Reported that the young actor died of a burn injury, he pointed to the thermal burns on the body.

Walker's car was out of control, first beating a pole and then a tree, and a minute had become a flame.

The bodies of Paul Walker and Roger Rodas, who were evacuated from the vehicle, were unknown because they were heavily burned, and the announcement of the autopsy was postponed. It was revealed that the body was identified by Walker and Rodas according to the dental records.

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