Who is Maggie in & # 39; The Walking Dead & # 39 ;? Georgie has recruited her for a noble cause

adminNovember 25, 2018

Quiet departure from Maggie in The Walking Dead It shows that many things have happened in the six year period since Rick Grimes left by helicopter, many of which remain a mystery. However, part of Maggie's whereabouts is known, and not so surprising, she is supposed to be with Georgie in The Walking Dead? The episode on Sunday explained that Maggie went with this woman and took little Hershel, but actually we already met Georgie.

The "new world" that Rick started and Maggie, Michonne and Carol have continued owing much more to Georgie than to Carl Grimes and his visions of the fall festivals and Weird Al singalongs. She is the one that, in Season 8, It was flanked by two identical guards who gave Maggie the book full of old-fashioned handwritten plans. "Windmills, water mills, silos, hand-drawn schemes, guides to refine grain, create wood, aqueducts," he said in his unique episode. "A book of medieval human achievements so that we can have a future from our past."

Georgie told Maggie that her departure from Alexandria, Hilltop and the Kingdom with these plans was an exchange, not a gift. She wanted them to build their community so that they had resources (cheese and pickles, specifically) to give them when they returned. Georgie did not specify when he would return, but the audience can assume that it happened at least once in the last six years. Jesus seems to be familiar with this woman, and he was not at the initial meeting.

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It's interesting, because only Hilltop seems to be really thriving right now. Alexandria is fine, but the Kingdom is in trouble. We do not know what It's happening with the sanctuary. What if Hilltop is doing so well because of his continued involvement with Georgie and his group? Could Georgie have been behind the conflict that, in the end, separated both Michonne and Maggie that the first did not know that the latter had left Hilltop?

In March 2018, when Georgie first appeared in The Walking Dead, It seemed possible that she came from the Commonwealth, a place that appears later in the comics. Knowing what we know now about Rick's departure and the next Living Dead Cinematic Universe, it seems that the Commonwealth is where the helicopter was. Does this mean that Maggie will join him in the movies, or will she and Georgie go on an adventure?

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Nor do we know if Georgie was a representative of a larger community, or just forever on the road, going from one place to another and exchanging knowledge for what she and her twin companions need to survive. Could this also lead to Fear of the living dead? At the end of the last season, the survivors of the split were engaged in a similar humanitarian "search and assistance" effort. They also have beer.

The fingers crossed that kind of flashback, or something, will reveal what happened when Georgie picked up again and why Maggie picked up her little family and left. Also, I said it before and I will repeat it … how is Maggie sending Jesus and Enid letters? Who is delivering the mail, carrier pigeons?

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