Who is Leila Lowfire's candidate?

adminJanuary 10, 2019

January 11, 2019 comes the 13th season of "In bin ein Star – get me out here!" Starting at RTL. Also included is Leila Lowfire. If you are a Berliner, your chances of winning and what you did before, read here.

Photo series with 12 pictures

Leila Lowfire may not even be familiar with many a Trash TV fan. As a candidate for the jungle ring, she is now entering the focus of a wider audience. A good time to introduce yourself.

You know her …

Leila Lowfire may be known for her appearance with Rammstein singer To Lindemann. Both went together over the red carpet at the 2017 Echo Awards. Whether something happens between them, it is not known.

In 2016 she also started the podcast series "Sexvergnügen". She produces them with former radio journalist Ines Anioli. The two speak Tacheles around the subject of sex. It's always dirty to the point.

A year earlier, Leila Lowfire caused a feeling with the bust size. For the action #Nippel statthetze, she was photographed without a male model with a sign saying "Don't buy at the Kanak!" held. It was also read: "One of these people violates the Facebook rules." Due to nudity, the image was deleted from the platform, but still went viral.

Your chances of winning in the jungle

In any case, Leila Lowfire has one thing: entertainment value! Therefore she could go far in the jungle. The flu will probably not stick with naked skin. If she doesn't lie too much and pull out with intimate details, seventh place in it.

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