Who is Laura Gruia, Miha Gruia's ex-wife from Akcent

adminDecember 27, 2018

Mihai Gruia, the former soloist of the Akcent band, and Laura decided to break up after 10 years of marriage. The two married in 2008, and in one year they became the parents of two little girls. Laura brought to the world a little girl named Natalia, and shortly after, they adopted a little girl named Ana. Others and Catalin Măruţă were the baptisms of the two daughters.

Who is Laura, ex-wife of Mihai Gruia

Laura Gruia and her daughters have a very close relationship. They do a lot together. Laura Gruia is very concerned about the education of her two daughters, so they are with their mother even in culinary activities.

The three went to several places around the world, including Disneyland, the dream of each child. For Laura, her children's happiness is the most important thing.

What Laura Gruia does

Laura Gruia continues to work with her former husband at the company they opened for several years. Laura and Mihai are general managers of the music company Music Star, an event organizer, artistic director and music producer. The company was born in 2006.

She completed her studies at the Romanian-American University of Bucharest, but she dedicated herself to the entire family business.

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