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adminOctober 17, 2018

The Bad Boy icon is back alone! Sean "Diddy" Combs and Cassie ended their 10-year relationship, and is supposedly dating Jocelyn Chew, 26. Get all the facts about it.

Diddy, 48, and Cassie, 32, have broken, closing the book on a ten-year relationship, according to LoveBScott (Cassie's representative confirmed the division on the site). Supposedly, the division happened months ago and, since then, Diddy has been "kicking quietly" with Jocelyn Chew, 26. The young model, who is represented by Vision Models LA, Wilhelmina and MGM, has appeared in campaigns to American Eagle, was a contestant in Face, and has an Instagram page that is hotter than the beach in July. While the fans get to the bottom of whether Diddy is dating this woman or not, he knows more about her.

1. It is Canadian, Chinese and Icelandic.. When asked where he grew up, Jocelyn told him GQ she is from Canada. Victoria, BC … on a farm. " Her Instagram page lists her as an Icelandic / Chinese Canadian model, and she told GQ in 2017, of all the places you've never been, but want to go, you'll go to "Africa! And Iceland (I'm half Icelandic on my mother's side).

2. Jocelyn got a big boost in her career, thanks to Naomi Campbell. Remember Face, the short-lived reality television modeling contest that presents Naomi Campbell? It was in the air only for two years, 2013 and 2014, and Jocelyn was one of the twelve models competing in the debut season. "I was nervous, of course, to meet Naomi," she said. Zimbio in 2013. "But at the same time, I was excited because not every day you can meet someone so iconic, that's why I would say nervous and excited, a mixture of both.

3. … but she did not win. Jocelyn was eliminated in the seventh episode of the program. "My experience was a good experience. I do not think Naomi is necessarily a diva. For me it is as if she knew what she wants and she knows how it should be, and I think she does not walk around the bush with her criticisms. I'd rather be direct instead of wasting time trying to sweeten things.

4. She loves to travel and have fun.. "Ready Player One" subtitled a photo of her on September 3 with a purple neon wig and a yellow lemonade swimsuit as she posed in front of a pink electric truck in Burning Man. A few days later, she shared a picture of her in the United States Open in the city of New York. "What an experience today, watching the women's finals of the US Open."

"I am an emotional seeker," she said. GQ"So I'm always the model who is asked to do something crazy, on the set, I've surfed in the ocean, I've ridden horses on a beach in the Dominican Republic and I've been snowboarding a mountain in Argentina. Once on set, we took the helicopters to the top of some Canadian glaciers to shoot a winter season in the summer. "

5. She is a gamer. "I find it hard to stay in one place, I get bored easily. So, if I have enough free time, I like to travel with my friends and family. For me, life is about creating memories and experiencing as many new things, ideas and cultures as possible. " However, she manages to have some games when she can. "Sooo … who wants to play duos?" He asked on June 16, holding a Playstation controller. "What is your user ID? Smdh I love a lot of fortnite."

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