Who is Black Night, the character of the sequel to Infinity War

adminJanuary 7, 2019

The story of Black Night can be presented in Avengers 4 from one of the timelines of Stan Lee's character.

Avengers 4, also known as Endgame, is a movie that will mean the end of several UCM characters. However, we have a very comprehensive directory for taking out future replacement in the face of Marvel Phase 4.

There has been talk, for example, of celestials, but little attention was paid to who would be a very new character. This is Black Knight (Black Night), created by Stan Lee and Joe Moneely for the 1955 Black Night comic book.

Leaker Jeremy Conrad, known for his Marvel sources, said that this character could appear in Avengers 4 as a big screen debut.

"There were some clues and it was recently talked about Black Knight. Apparently, Marvel has a plan for him in the kinematic universe and they already know how it will be presented," he said on Twitter about the plot of Avengers 4.

The relationship between Black Night and Quantum Kingdom is that the character knows the tours through the multiverse. Keep in mind that this will be extremely important for the universe's salvation after you have seen Scott Lang again in the trailer outside the Quantum Kingdom, as if nothing had happened.

The story of Black Night is absolutely complex. The first is Sir Percy of Scandia in a series of medieval adventures. He introduces himself as a sixth-century knight who serves in court to King Arthur and is recruited by Merlin to face crown threats. Such is his greatest villain Mordred the Evil (Arturo's treacherous nephew). Sir Percy's soul appears in several comics to guide his descendants.

Then Professor Nathan Garrett (descendant of Sir Percy) continues, but as a villain in the comic book Tales to Astonish # 52 (February 1964).

The appearance of Black Night in Avengers 4 can be done by the line of Dane Whitman, Garrett's nephew, shown in The Avengers # 47 (December 1967), and becomes a heroic version of Black Knight. He had occasional appearances, and then he became a central member of the team.

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