Who came from my kitchen? Why would he be eliminated?

adminJanuary 11, 2019

Channel D screens of the popular competition program Bride in the screen adventure in the kitchen left 42 weeks. The brides often tried to get the most out of the taste of the day, the son-in-law of his daughter-in-law, trying to find the bride's section of the week, often increasing votes. The last part is characterized by Sina's behavioral scale. Ms. Reyhan and Mrs Sina told how the scales worked. This attitude was very annoying for Mrs. Reyhan, and in her father's room this situation opened for discussion. At the end of the tense day, one of the brides won five bracelets. a bride-and-wife team said goodbye to the competition. And who was the winner of the week?

The bride made the final of the week with dessert in the kitchen. Nilgün-Yağnur Workers, Nezahat-Rümeysa Aydın, Banquet-Elif Yeni and Reyhan – Ezgi Yıldırım competed with if the biscuit recipe said.

At the end of the day evaluation; Rümeysa, who won the day with 15 points, won quarter gold. Rümeysa, who collected 75 points for the whole week, was the winner of the week and five gold bracelets. As for the name that was eliminated, it was a surprise development. Rümeysa stated that she had patients and half of the education, and Fatih Urek requested permission. Thus, Rümeysa and her mother-in-law Nezahat Hanım were eliminated from the competition at their own request. Fatih Ürek, the other participants "60.57, 56" received, but who did not say the last.

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