Which was chosen as 2019 Survivor Turkey Hakan Kanık competitors? (TV8)

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Acer famous TV producer and programmer performs explanations closely related to the public via social media of Ilıcalı 2019 Survivor Turkey-Greece announced that the program for the first competitor is Hakan Kanık. As known, the media magnate Acer first challenge came in line with a decision taken will be moved to the screen Ilıcalı TV8 Turkey which this year's Survivor participants will be elected with voting available to the public. Masterchef made with first choice in the dining room is true competition with rival programs in Turkey and Turkey-Greece 2019 Survivor participates who have been declared as Hakan Kanık? February 2, 2019 Date of the TV8 screen will replace Survivor competition from each other in Turkey opportunity to show and perform the fight in the face of formidable rivals Hakan Kanık is from the original and how old? Here is Hakan Kanik's life, which succeeded in getting gratitude and interest in the audience in a short time, and the unknowns about him …

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Acer Ilıcalı in the Masterchef competition program called TV8 published in Turkey taken ownership of the winning screen shows a successful performance exhibited by those in admiration and gratitude to the boss Hakan Kanık has come to the world in 1999 in Istanbul. Hakan Kanık, who is both a talented and sympathetic competitor for food living in Istanbul, has completed upper secondary education at Avni Akyol Anatolian Fine Arts High School. Hakan Kanık continued his education life on TV8 screens this season and won the competition in Survivor 2019. She continued her education in the sculpture department of Bodrum Faculty of Arts in Muğla Sıktı Kocaman University. who practice their profession in Komi 2019 Survivor Turkey-Greece area to appear in the competition Hakan Kanık, especially meat cooking thanks to many different places to perform their tasks in the kitchen has gained expertise in the matter. Hakan Kanık, who published the video of Acun Ilıcalı from the Survivor 2019 audiences and performed his struggle and performance to the end of this year's TV8 screens, remains confident of his food-related demands.

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