Which wages do the jury members receive from the room's voice. I'll get the money

adminDecember 28, 2018

Thus, according to fanatik.ro, Smiley, which is the longest lifetime in the show Pro TV, is a 75,000 euro salary for a Voice of Romania season, which is the best paid by the four coaches. This money adds to the prize of around € 75,000 that he has from the show the Romans have talent.

In addition, Smiley rounds up his earnings and concerts, which he earns 350,000 euros in 2018. Smiley asks for € 12,000 for a show to raise the audience.

Tudor Chirilă is rewarded for his performance in Romania's vote of € 50,000 per season, while Others earn € 10,000 per month, or € 30,000 for a season. Others are also promised on the Romanian voice of Romania. And Others complement his earnings from the shows. This year, the star earned 300,000 euros. For a show, Others discard about 6000 euros.

Irina Rime's salary does not know exactly what the amount is, but it is said that the artist would charge less than Andre.

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