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Müge AnlıThe program is a pornography.

No, you can't think of sexual pornography right now.

Ir Sweet Hard with Müge Anlı Sert is a cultural pornography.

Ir Sweet Hard with Müge Anlı "is a pornography of poverty.

Ir Sweet Hard with Müge Anlı / is a quaint (rural / pastoral) pornography.

Explains the secrets, the privacy, the shame, the suffering, the helplessness, the misery, the grief, the helplessness, the evil, the dirt, the root, the evil of the human life by being exposed to naked

And if you understand the fact that this is sin, deep and deep, even though you can see an anger, hatred, condemnation, and disgust from the course;

Here's what makes Müge Anlı's program pornography.


Of course, this program is a great commercial success. For years he continues his journey without knowing any opponents who can compete with him.

And this is sexual pornography that can only compete with ograf success Ve.

If you drive them to the screen, you get an even bigger "TV success"! ..

But you can't. Because RTÜK, of course, for the man Modern Family ere to open the penalty radar, boiling hedgehogs to the extent that the opportunity to bring such sexual pornographic content will not yield!

What about "cultural pornography"? "We don't even understand what it means to say or or not RTUK employees (of course, are valuable, but there are also exceptions in the minority).

A clear and headless feudal ideological reading of a series of families of owls is all "when true modern family" is carefully read as Saturday, and I punish the content that opposes the family's protection of Müge Anlı-shov, but only with a hand-kiss respect!


Let me now come to the main reason for writing this article! yesterday T24 MARKETMeanwhile, I wrote an article about RTUK's esine Modern Family çözüm series to the publisher organization. This article was received with an interactive motivation with the Palu family program, which was re-launched on social media and released from the Müge Anlı program.

First of all I read my beloved / followers Refik BilmezThe message was:

About I just read another family before your article, I read. The Palu family. In the Müge Anli program, the family's distorted relationships, murders, rape, cynicism, assault, horror, what you are looking for in this family and program are the situation of a family from our community. Does the modern family have more harm to the spiritual structure and moral traditions of our society, or is it the Palu family? If modern family is to be convicted, this program should be turned off. It is also a time when the audience and the audience are completely different. Müge Anlı does the morning program, children can watch for an hour and no inconvenience is observed. Modern family is most likely the evening band, and it is a must for those who want to see it. Modern

Then the message began to fall from the other stable and determined readers. Yıldız Erdal,"Muge is Anli who saw the program, these tragic events in Turkey can see how much responsibility; 5N1K criticism of this program should be done in dropped the note. Contact Şule directly,"I was able to read up to the third line of the form shown on social media;

I think our heart is not based on our reading, how the little children who lived in that family stood on düşünüy he shared his senses. Find a different Tuğçe Ersoy, me, Orum I expect the Palu family evaluation; I looked at backward publications, I was frightened; religion, family institution, kinship, magic, ignorance, incest, child abuse, many problems interwoven I remembered my responsibility as a writer with warning.


Of course, the reader will say ..!

So this article was formed.

But while I was writing television articles for a while, I took a long time to look at the Müge Anli program, and although I had reached the point where I could almost write books about this program, I moved away from such a path. : "A Sweet-Hard Safari or Murder-Show:, I see, I have it: Culture and man in the age of Meşhuriyet, May publish, 2017, pp. 84-87).

Therefore, I did not follow the Palu family programs and did not have enough time to take such a review before writing this article.

Another trailer, See Pinar's Full Profile, detailed in a popular social media dictionary entrySağla e took my attention and made me aware of the contents of the program. In fact, as mentioned in the above messages, let's see, even a difficult and difficult to read chain of events! To the extent that human shame is ashamed of the geography of life! ..

After I have mastered what is published in the program, I am happy to share the thoughts that fly in my mind by promising a more detailed evaluation.


Most RTÜK members who punish the series muhtemel Modern Family are most likely disturbed by some of the social-cultural forms presented in the fictional nature of the series.

Yes, there are also non-marital relationships, non-heteronormative relationships. And these are presented in a legitimate framework, and it is pointed out that love, emotion, goodness, beauty, truth, honesty exist in these relationships.

But in the universe of perception of heterosexual and homophobic cultural conditions, the only reflection of them in these countries is that they are known as the woolly Lot of Lovers ex.

When I thought about them, the Muslim transgender found the person an opportunity to have an extensive interview with him over four years ago History monthI flapped what they said to me!

History is the religious conservatism of this country. LGBTI + The most common and most typical t-criminal-cliche bulun Koran in the Qur'an, which used it to evaluate culture, made the following comment:

Let me tell the gentlemen who use Islam as a charlatan. They are the cause of the tribe. I do this by making this word, and I do not encourage anyone to do this either. nor gay. It's my personal preference. At the time [Lût kavmi dönemi] Harassment, harassment, harassment of women, this is a stamp of homosexuality. Forced harassment of men, forced harassment of women, rape, drinking world, fighting noise said that the people of Lut were destroyed. But I don't think a handful of transvestites or a handful of LGBTI people will be destroyed by the people of Lût. The mentality that can lead to the people of the Lot is the mentality that marries 3-year-old children to 30-year-old men. They are the ones who raped 5 year old, 10 year old boys on the street Sok (In My Lord has created this way: The religious arrogance of a trans Yarat, T. Atay, Chinese job Japanese work – Anthropological signs of gender and sexuality in, communication publications, 2017 [2. Baskı], p. 216).


Now, according to these words of history, let's say, closer to the people of Lute? ? Modern family?

Or "Palu Family"?! ..

The answer is obviously Cevap

But in this case is the Müge Anlis program released?

Certainly not, because such an approach is not true in principle, it will bring more harm than good. Although such broadcasts are taken out of the television environment, in the digital universe of infinite, in other words, kendilerine cyberspace, they can easily open a field of vision with even more provocative energy because of their prohibition and prohibition.

Prohibit and leave you You, "the poison" faces "the antidotes …, go!

So? ..

Look at the modern family family, continue with fun seriously !!

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