Which artists are part of the 100 musicians who will judge the talent show "Sang nu med me", presented by Cabral

adminJanuary 11, 2019

Singers, DJs, entertainers, actors, singers and music industry experts will be seated in the jury of the "Play With Me" TV show, which will be broadcast by Pro TV.

Former participants "Voice of Romania" are part of the jury, along with the winner of the show, Julie Mayaya: Adrian Nour, Tibi Scobiola, Sebastian Seredinschi, Ciprian Teodorescu, Ana Maria Mirică.

Julie Mayaya PHOTO FOR TV

Dana Dorian, singer of the band "The Humans" and Romani representative at Eurovision 2018 Cristina Caramarcu, Bucharest National Opera Crusader Daniel Jinga, singer Andre Gogan, Boier Bibescu, Jazzy Jo, rapper from "the Romans have talent" Krem, actor Stelian Milu, jazz singer Maria Răducanu, ex-contestant "The Romans have talent" Alina Dincă, composer and poet of folk and rock music Zoia Alecu, actor Andrei Ciopec, musician Jean Gavril, conductor Marius Zorilă, popular Emilia Dorobantu, Ion Dragan and Lavinia Goste is also one of The 100 music specialists who viewers will see this spring in the show "Sing Now With Me".

Cristina Caramarcu

The role of 100 is to validate each presented moment, to stand up and sing along with the competitors who manage to transmit as much emotion and energy as possible. 100 will not only judge the voice, but the whole show, the key is the atmosphere that the participants manage to create in the minutes they are on stage. Together with Loredana, their captain, 100 will decide whether the moment of each player entering the stage game can be memorable or not.

About the display format

"Singing Now Now" is an international television format where every participant entering the stage must do their best to convince the 100 musicians to sing with him. Voices associated with the moment represent the score of each and every one who gets the best score at the grand finale, and can win the grand prize of 50,000 euros.

Professionals or amateurs, solo artists or groups, each with their own style, will try to conquer the hearts of the 100 jury members and qualify in the final. Jury members are constantly in competition, representing a diverse group of singers, each with their style and preferences. Having great voices and opinions as good as music, jury members will have wrong reactions, varying from one competitor to another.

The All Together format was first broadcast by the BBC in the UK, after which it was acquired by nine countries, including Brazil, Australia and other European countries. This format was created by Remarkable TV, part of the Endemol Shine Group.

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