Where is Fisk celebrated in season 3 of "Daredevil"? The "prison" of Kingpin is part of a master plan

adminOctober 19, 2018

Matt Murdock got Wilson Fisk imprisoned in Reckless Season 1 and that's where the Kingpin stayed for the following season. However, that all changes in season 3. Spoilers for episodes 1-6 follow. While Kingpin begins the season in prison, Fisk prison in Reckless Season 3 soon becomes an elegant hotel. In the premiere of the third season, Fisk learns from his lawyers that the federal government is accusing his girlfriend Vanessa Marianna as an accessory to his crimes. To save Vanessa, she reaches an agreement with FBI agent Ray Nadeem to hand over other criminals. Part of that agreement leads Fisk to end up in the attic of the Presidential Hotel. The public is already angry with this movement, since it seems that Fisk has been released. But if the residents of New York City knew the truth that Karen Page is trying to discover, they would be even more outraged.

Wilson Fisk is ruthless, but he has a weakness for his love, Vanessa. So maybe, like Ray, you initially believed that Fisk is genuine when it comes to his dealings with the feds. After all, his information leads the FBI to take down the Albanian crime syndicate and an inmate attacks Fisk for being a snitch. However, Matt Murdock, Karen Page and Foggy Nelson know that you can not trust Kingpin and assume that it must be a masterpiece of Fisk, and they are right.

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Karen uses her journalistic skills to learn more about the terms of Fisk's release. When he tries to obtain information from the Nadeem agent, he tells him: "Fisk has not been released, it is a false news, he is a collaborating witness, but he is a convicted prisoner and they treat him as such." However, Karen echoes the indignation of the crowd when she replies: "Stay in a $ 20 million penthouse?" Ray reveals that the United States government seized the hotel from a Wall Street investor who was found guilty of fraud. (Although there is a President Hotel in Time & # 39; s Square operated by Best Western, there is no real Presidential Hotel in New York City and this scene does not seem to have appeared in a pre-president Trump world). But Karen suspects there's More to the story and does some digging.

She discovers that Fisk is saving money at the offshore Red Lion National Bank. Through the repairman Felix Manning, Fisk's ghost organization, VanCorp, bought the hotel. Karen informs Ray that his "imprisoned prisoner has just bought the prison where he is being held." But a combination of his anger and his desperation to make this Fisk deal work means he does not take his accusations seriously. Ray not only needs this for his career, but many FBI agents died in the process of taking Fisk to his luxury prison.

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As part of his terms, Fisk also recovers many of his possessions. So, just as he ruled the innkeeper in prison in Season 2, he is now calling all the shots from his luxury apartment in heaven. And you can avoid your surveillance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by having meetings with your lawyers, which gives you time to do your business shady.

Matt confirms that Karen's investigative work is correct when he realizes that Fisk organized his own attack in prison. So Karen reluctantly joins with Matt to expose this truth. Meanwhile, girlfriend Marci encourages Foggy to try a different approach: running for the district attorney against Blake Tower. Like Ray, Blake is willing to allow Fisk this "incarceration of the house" if that means getting other criminals out of the streets.

Even though Karen and Foggy are far from having a friendly relationship with Matt, fortunately this trio has done what they do best at Reckless Season 3 – knocking down Fisk. And hopefully, the authorities will realize that Fisk is playing them before it's too late.

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