Where does the image of the female appearance of François Berléand come from? We solved the mystery

adminNovember 29, 2018

HUMOR – A few days ago Guillaume Canet published on his Instagram account a painting of a woman with a more disturbing resemblance to François Berléand. What does his followers laugh, who wondered where the canvas came from …

Guillaume Canet has a sense of humor. A few days ago, the comedian published the image of a period of time depicting a woman similar to François Berléand. "Duchesse de Berléand", he entertained himself in legends, cautiously, he made fun of the actor he directed in two of his films, "My idol" (2002) and "Do not tell anyone" (2006).

The cliché was the subject of several articles and much enjoyed his followers who wondered where this painting came from, which obviously does not exist in any museum. In danger of disappointing someone, no, François Berléand has no hidden female appearance. Truth is simple: this picture is in the director's first 45-year film: "My idol", with François Berléand, just.

A satire in the mid-stage show business, released in 2002, tells the story of Bastien (Canet), a young driver capable of approaching his idol, genius producer Jean-Louis Broustal (Berléand). While in the latter room with his wife (played by Diane Kruger), we can see the famous painting hanging on the wall. What makes you want to see (or rate) the movie.

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