When does the new season begin?

adminJanuary 8, 2019

The new season presentation of the program, which the shooting continued at full speed, was also very popular in social media. For the new season, the team was disguised as a hairdresser. In addition to the popular characters, the new type of the new season was the subject of wonder of the new types Açelya Topaloğlu and Sinan Çalışkanoğlu.

Ali Sunal-Ugur Bilgin-Onur Atilla

Very soon on the show TV screens, the excitement of meeting the audience in the Güldür Güldır Show team behind the camera also had a lot of fun. The colorful and fun music clip started Manga of Turkey's most popular groups. Emre Altug, Açelya Topaloğlu, Sinan Çalışkanoğlu, one of the surprises of the new season, is ready for the new season.

Onur Atilla-Doğa Rutkay-Ugur Bilgin

The Gold Tour Show will be on show TV screens in February with its new season.

Sinan Çalışkanoğlu-Alper Fun

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