When Carla Bruni swung on the political family of his husband Nicolas Sarkozy

adminNovember 26, 2018

You do not need enemies when you have friends in politics. This sentence, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, could have stated it. in One afternoon at Carla, these are other notices made by the former first lady of tenors of UMP as Marc Dolisi reveals …

It's a cat. She has kept her figure, as she has shown in the last days of Dolce & Gabbana. She looks, clear, sometimes crossed by some ghosts from the past where there was an old lover or a loved one disappeared. She also has the voice, haunting purring, capable of beautiful flying. She finally has her claws. Let it be said, Carla Bruni can have a dress, she can also settle on accounts.

If François Hollande is among the political figures most disappointed by his lack of good manners and goujery, Carla also knows how to give some paws in the political family of his beloved husband Nicolas Sarkozy. Two passes from the book One afternoon at Carla, written by journalist Marc Dolisi, close to the singer since 1996, testifies.

Only in 2009, while the journalist has lunch with the one who is still First Lady, a terrace of the 2nd district in Paris. Marc Dolisi writes: "On a table, a former minister of the Villepin government is quick to get up and go to her." Even before the opportunity had been able to kiss her hand, Carla would have gone to the reporter: " You do not find that he has the perfect figure for fêlon? He says horror about me, but if he comes to a soup, he must get a favor asking my husband. " Dolisi notes that she Greet him with a smile ", despite everything before you change "Some hollow compliments" and see him go away.

Second Strike, Late 2016. Nicolas Sarkozy, which has agreed to participate in the High Representative for the 2017 presidential election, is opposite on all sides.His main opponent is not Alain Juppé, but his former prime minister, François Fillon. Their reports have always been complicated. it "Collaborator" The president interiors everything, no passion runs through his face. At Nicolas Sarkozy, the opposite is the complete exaltation. While Marc Dolisi finds Carla, her husband has failed to qualify for second round, but Fillon's favorite is in very bad attitude.The Chained Duck has just accused him of poisoning public funds and abuse of socially good.

Rather relieved that his couples do not have to face the low shots in the political world, Carla patch of whey. Marc Dolisi reports his remarks while François Fillon's fate: "Oh, it's beautiful the pure cotton that teaches virtue to all …" Who rubs Carla, turns up with some damage, there is no doubt!

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