What's on TV: "Under the Autumn Moon" and "Haunting of Hill House"

adminOctober 13, 2018

The love and the leaves are in the air in "Under the Autumn Moon" and "Haunting of Hill House" brings horror to Netflix.

Love and hate crime: a crime in MISSISSIPPI 10 p.m. about the discovery of the investigation. The second installment of this BBC documentary series focuses on the 2011 murder of James Craig Anderson, who was robbed, beaten and run over in Jackson, Mississippi, by a group of white teenagers. Through interviews with officials, with Anderson's family and with the family of a teenager who traveled in the vehicle used in the attack, the documentary examines current hatred and intolerance.

UNDER THE AUTUMN MOON 9 p.m. in Hallmark. Hallmark, once again, seems to offer what it does best: to combine the feeling and feeling of a holiday or season with the trials and tribulations of love. And this film does not seem to deviate from the proven and true mix: Alex (Lindy Booth) is ready for a promotion in the outdoor adventure company for which he works and is visiting a ranch that could be a possible acquisition. While there, he falls in love with the ranch owner (Wes Brown) while rediscovering himself and his connection to the outdoors.

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