What's behind the "Bird Box", the successful and controversial Netflix movie

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"Bird Box" premiere December 21st.

"Never lose sight of survival."

The slogan that Netflix promotes its film Bird Box ("Blind"), with a pun, to the main element of the plot: to survive, the characters must cover their eyes on the outside.

The movie, released on the internet platform on December 21, is the most popular original movie never released by Netflix.

According to information published by the company itself, which usually does not disclose the public data, Bird Box was seen in more than 45 million households in the first week in the air

"I took my blindfold this morning to find out that 45,037,125 Netflix accounts have already seen the Bird Box, the best first seven days for a Netflix movie!" The company wrote.

But not all data is so positive for Netflix: as the audience's rage grows for this thriller apocalyptic, Negative reviews are also increasingnot just for the movie itself, but for Netflix's strategies for its campaign.

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Warning: Some of the sections in this article may include details about the movie.

"Psychological terror"

The film Bird Box is based on the homonymous short story by Josh Malerman (2014) and fits into the genre of apocalyptic-dystopic terror.

A mysterious force that we do not see begins to decimate the world's population. His influence on humans leads to mass murder suicide; other people make them murderers.

The main character, Malorie, is played by Sandra Bullock.

Unlike the unknown, Malorie must overcome all sorts of obstacles to come to a retreat with his two children, just called Boy and Girl (Boy and Girl).

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Sandra Bullock plays Malorie, a single mother who must overcome all sorts of difficulties to survive.

"Everything that Sandra Bullock wants is for the children to survive, and she does what she can, so she accepts her toughness," says BBC Susanne Bier.

An invisible threat

That you do not see the monster or creature that kills the world population, gives the excitement and terror from the truculent reaction of the people who are before this being.

This resource of the filmmaker has had poor reception in a large sector of the critic.

The magazine Variety He wrote: "In the endless debate about how much of a creature is to appear in a horror movie, Susanne Biers's movie, ruthlessly, does not decide to show the monster at all."

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Actor John Malkovich plays a difficult neighbor who lives in his house, against his will, a group of survivors.

For its part, the British newspaper The Guardian He said, "What, why and how is it never explained".

Bees, the winner of an Oscar, an Emmy, and a Golden Globe for earlier works, respond to this criticism with violence: "For me It's a big fortress not to see the monster".

"I think it's more daunting the moment before a monster looks, there's no movie that didn't disappoint me a bit after seeing the creature," he explains.

"I wanted to make a movie that had that excitement all the time."

Star cast

The filmmaker was able to attract a star actor of actors. Next to Bullock, we see John Malkovich, Sarah Paulson, Tom Hollander, Trevante Rhodes and Parminder Nagra, among the most outstanding.

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Trevante Rhodes, who received international fame for her participation in the Oscar-winning "Moonlight" two years ago, is a co-star in the Bird Box.

To the less fanatic of the film, the extraordinary creation is more of a weakness than a virtue of the movie.

"Netflix's attempt to attract audiences with big names instead of quality content is too clear," said Leigh Blickley and Matthew Jacobs, film critics of The Huffington Post.

Several of these big names, too, don't last too long on the screen, which may disappoint more than a fanatic.


Another of the controversies that have been playing the movie is the so-called "Bird Box Challenge" that people are trying to do daily activities tied together.

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Bullock was advised by an expert who "helps blind people navigate spaces".

This has given rise to danger of danger, of people who go too close to the traffic, or even damage by collisions with walls and other objects.

Netflix came to issue a warning about it:

"I can't believe I have to say this, though PLEASE DO NOT HAVE YOURSELF WITH THIS CHALLENGE BIRD BOX".

"We don't know how it started, and we appreciate love, but boy and girl have only one desire for 2019, and that's why you don't end up in the hospital because of some memes."

Journalist Ruchira Sharma asked if the challenge was really a problem.

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The character of Bullock must face all kinds of situations.

According to Sharma, the challenge was not a viral phenomenon at all until Netflix issued the warning.

"Before tweet, other tweets or videos that marked the challenge did not exceed the tens and queries of the challenge Bird Box"They barely showed results"journalists said.

"But after the alarm the challenge exploded online And it started to be tried and shared by major YouTube accounts. "

Sharma suggests that the challenge became a trend as part of a Netflix campaign.

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