What would it take for Adonis to return to the ring for Creed III?

adminNovember 21, 2018

Warning: spoilers for Credo II If you are not familiar with the movie, check this page and return once it is updated.

At the end of Credo II, Adonis "Donnie" Creed defeats Viktor Drago in the climactic fight of the film in Russia, and the victory could not be sweeter. After a first attempt, the newly crowned heavyweight champion was severely beaten, and in need of recovery, the final battle gives him the victory he had previously been looking for in the movie.

But with this victory in the bag, in part thanks to his fiance Bianca's understanding that it was something that had to come out of his system, one has to wonder what would make Adonis return to the ring for a potential Creed III. CinemaBlend had to ask Michael B. Jordan himself where he felt he would have to bet on the sequel, and he had to say this:

Not knowing where to go for a Creed III The story may sound like a disappointment to some. However, considering the history of the Rocky franchise, it is also a quite refreshing development. As much as this new movie sets the table for some interesting paths towards a third movie in the Creed In the series, it's realistic, too soon, to define any kind of story.

Credo II is about to continue with the good name of the franchise and bring a result of Thanksgiving. Then, the conventional approach would obviously be to develop a sequel quickly and quickly follow it into production. But from the word, the Creed The series has been anxious and cautious to advance its narrative.

After all, it took until 2017 to get some kind of indication that a sequel would be forming officially, and that's two full years later. Creed He brought the world of Rocky back to life. In short, the challenge for Creed III it would be the same as everyone, especially Michael B. Jordan, faced when they returned to Credo II.

The next film has to fulfill a purpose that is not corny, maintains the freshness of the franchise and, above all, keeps the public and the filmmaker interested in an organic premise. With Adonis being quite ill-treated in the first game with Viktor Drago, only to finally beat him in an equally exhausting rematch, it would be a very good reason to take this new father to the ring once again.

It's something you can even see when you see images of Jordan's body language talking about a possible sequel, which you can see below:

Should Creed III happen in the near future, or even not so close, it seems that Michael B. Jordan will not sign, unless there is a good reason to continue. Finding that good reason is going to take some time, although there are certainly some issues that remain open for Creed III to make it possible for the magic of the trilogy to happen. For now, however, you can enjoy Credo II, which is now in theaters, ready to cheer on a champion on Thanksgiving Day.

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