What was the fate of Ivan Drag in Creed 2 and what could be the third part of it?

adminNovember 26, 2018

The article contains spoilers for Creed 2!

You have already seen Creed 2? If you like Rocky fans and the first Creed have fun, then you definitely do not have to worry about watching the cinema (you learn more in our review here). Steven Caple Jr. He did not disappoint at the director's chair and we got great characters and great matches. The picture has also scored in the form of cash registers, which means the troika is safe.

But there were some scenes left on the floor of the second album (maybe we'll see them on DVD and Blu-ray). Actor Dolph Lundgren, aka Ivan Drago, has revealed that the film has cut off an emotional scene that gave him a certain redemption.

What was the fate of Ivan Drag in Creed 2 and what could be the third part of it?

"After the final match, Adonis and Rocky leave and see Ivan as the son calms," Sa Lundgren. "You feel bad because he lost. My personality then leaves the room and Adonis begins to talk to my son.

When I return, I have a small scene with Adonis and finally with Rocky. This was cut out. It may have been too much or a very subtle or exaggerated emotional scene. Perhaps the redemption will come in the next round. "

Interestingly, Lundgren's participation in Creed 2 almost broke down. He was convinced by the script itself. As the actor has suggested, the incredible redemption for Ivan Drago's character can emerge in the next sequel. This has not been confirmed yet, but it would be extraordinary if we did not get it when the two met both financial and critical success (although the reviewers were less satisfied).

What was the fate of Ivan Drag in Creed 2 and what could be the third part of it?

Several potential theories have also appeared on the internet if the direction Creed 3 can take. When Adoni's story was almost completed, a wide range of opportunities emerged before the creators.

It is possible that Adonis could manage his own link in three and fight against a whole new opponent (not necessarily someone we've seen in the Rocky series). However, it is also likely that the creators will continue to emphasize the relationship between Creed and Rocky series, so that the return of Viktor Drago is not at all left out.

In Creed 2 you cut the lead roles Michael B. Jordan, Sylvester Stallone, Dolph Lundgren, Florian Munteanu, Phylicia Rashad and Tessa Thompson. The Premiere took the movie November 22 (November) this year.

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