What victims Caesar Ouatu did for his career

adminDecember 28, 2018

The artist talked about the victims he had to do over time to enjoy the infamy he currently has.

"I have made many victims, but sometimes I am a patriot. I was able to impress strangers through my talent. I am opera songs on the base, I also played gay roles. It does not mean that if you leave the scene, you remain Anchored in that style. I have passion for music from my father. I grew up with my mom when my dad sang a whistle. Mom is an economist engineer, but an extraordinary voice. Dad, instrument but without voices, said Cezar Ouatu to Antena Stars .

Experience the X Factor UK for Cezar Ouatu

Cezar Ouatu made a very good impression on X Factor UK, and even raised his jury. But one thing was strongly criticized, namely that he did not say he was Romanian.

"I've never been ashamed to be Romanian. That's what I say in my mouth. But I didn't go there to represent Romania, I went to represent myself as an artist. (…) I have to admit, and I would be hypocritical not to say this thing, that I was born in Romania, I had my childhood in Romania, but artistically, many Romans do not know this, I We started in Italy, I also have Italian citizenship, but this is not relevant, but the fact that debut, singing school and everything "singer Caesar Ouatu" thought was in Italy. (…) I do not deny that I am Romanian, and when I said that I am Italian-Romanian, I do not think I had something about something, but not, we saw, the Romans, crunching, but this is probably our way of being, "said Cezar Ouatu, for Adevărul.ro.

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