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To proclaim Thorens mission in Avengers 4, I propose to dive into some theories. Be careful, but if you prefer not to know the movie in advance, it's probably better to go and know that you must also be updated on Marvel movies to avoid spoilers.

It's even more legitimate to wonder about Thor's role in Avengers 4 when we remember its meaning throughoutInfinity War.

Thor, learn to aim!

Thor was not the most time-consuming character on the screen after Thanos (this was the case with Gamora and Tony Stark), but his search for a weapon to defeat the angry Titan was almost unsuccessful in winning.

If only Thor had directed his head or avoided wasting time discussing half of the universe would have escaped death …

Knowing that Russo Brothers' ideas have always been balancing the roles of the most important Avengers between episodes 3 and 4, it seems obvious that Thunder God and Protector of Asgard will not be the main player of the film.

Having said that, it is obvious that an important mission will nevertheless rest on his shoulders bodybuildées and some clues can help to guess nature.

Mission Thor Avengers 4

An army to counteract Thanos

In short, Thor's mission would be to gather an army to stand up for Thanos forces.

Although he is still in possession of the 6 infinite stones and a buzzard whose exact state is unknown due to the damage he suffered at the time he managed, he must not forget that Thanos was already a sort of ruler of rooms that are in able to gather a massive military power.

Realistically, the Earth is probably no longer able to cope with such power, and even if it were the case, the authors will be eager to avoid the same problems as in Avengers 3 and it seems obvious that most of the military confrontation will take place elsewhere than on our beautiful planet.

when Avengers 4 will start, 5 years have passed since the fingerprint, and it seems logical to believe that Thor has spent most of the time building the foundations for the new Asgard in Scandinavia.

The second possibility is that he drowned the battle in the defeat of the alcohol and that it is necessary to move it so that it returns …

Mission Thor Avengers 4

Your mission, if you accept it …

In both cases, Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanoff would ask for help to implement the plan as defined by Tony and the others.

Thor must gather an army, an almost impossible mission, since nobody or almost in the galaxy would be angry enough to oppose Thanos, not to mention that Asgard would just be a shadow of what it was. knowing that there are still only a few hundred survivors, those who could escape the ship, led by Valkyrie before arriving on board Thanos, and knew that they themselves had to suffer the effects of Thanos gestus.

In such a way, how to gather a sufficiently motivated or desperate troupe while retaining what remains of Asgard?

Thor could receive the unexpected help of Frigga, his mother, through a vision perhaps or a memory of words she had had many years ago. If that is a vision, it would come from Valhalla, the place where those chosen from the gods, beyond death, meet.

Mission Thor Avengers 4

Unfortunately, the brave of this Asgardian paradise would be unavailable to Thor, they could not return to the world and to ask them such a victim would not be worthy of Odin's son.

Thor returns to hell

On the other hand, the case of all those who have ended in the Asgardian hell, Hell, completely different. Hell is obviously the whole of Hell's kingdom discovered in Thor Ragnarok, which was one of the great highlights of this amazing film.

In appearance, after the end of Thor Ragnarok, Whole fate leaves little room for doubt since Surtur's giant leaves fell on her.

Mission Thor Avengers 4

But who, if not, Whole could continue to exist beyond such a terrible blow? After all, she is a goddess, and her power was superior to Thor, even after the revelation of a level of power hitherto not occupied by Thunder God.

So it would be immortal and continue to rule over Hell, the world of the damned Asgard. Damned who would have failed in this hell for many reasons, in a place that could still look like an illusion of a party, as in Thorens visions in Ultron's age.

Whole, she has it

As for the presence of Hela, Mark Ruffalo, Bruce Banner, said that he was pleased to have played with Cate Blanchett, and one of Cate Blanchett's interviews was allowed to guess she was so close to a statue already has been seen in Thor's view.

Mission Thor Avengers 4

Finally, we know that a shoot for Avengers 4 took place in Durham Cathedral, which had already been used as a backdrop for Thor's famous visions.

Thor would at least be accompanied by Valkyrie for his turn to hell, knowing that there is still a serious conflict between the warrior and the whole who had decimated the whole of Valkyry's order.

According to some sources, the structure of Avengers 4 could pick up some elements of King's Return, the third movie of the Lord of the Rings. In this configuration, Thor's mission would approach Aragorn's mission when he came to the dead.

Mission Thor Avengers 4

For the Asgardians stuck in the kingdom of Helsen, a desperate battle against Thanos forces would be an unexpected opportunity to redeem somewhere in Valhalla.

As for what can be obtained from Hela, maybe just a chance to punish Thanos that caused so much harm to Asgard, assuming she really cares about her people.

We do not know the place that will be given to Whole, but I fear that we should not expect much more than a cameo, although I would like to believe that she believes she will join the fight against Thanos.

And Loki in all this?

To get the opportunity to get these cursed warriors out of their hell would be interesting not to defeat The whole battle, but that there is no alternative, but to convince her she would be like a mistress in her field.

Thor may consider giving him an appointment, maybe a return to new Asgard. Unless anyone may deceive Whole, does he sell a dupe deal? But who would be capable of such fraud?

Mission Thor Avengers 4

You guessed it, we assume Loki would also be a prisoner in this hell. It remains to see if it will be enough to free it for the sign to come back. Personally, I would like to find it a bit too easy, but it is interesting to know that this idea had already been considered lately.

In fact, this resurrection of Loki was originally intended to intervene between the events in Thor: The dark world and they off Thor: Ragnarok.

It must be admitted that questions remain around the terms Loki chooses when he pronounces a few sentences on the ship before his desperate attempt to kill Thanos. A priori, it was mainly to prepare the basis for Thanos speech after he killed Loki for good, but we remember that Loki told Thanos that he would never become a God.

The kingdom of God is never to die completely, one can wonder if Loki does not return, even if it takes a new form, as in the cartoons.

Anyway, a character participation to allow Thor to leave with a dead army would be very nice, in addition to Tom Hiddleston being shown when some Avengers visit the Battle of New York.

Mission Thor Avengers 4

War on Titan or in the room?

When the army is reunited if it is the damned Asgard, it will obviously continue to fight, certainly in space.

There is little doubt that Thor will at one time find the Raket Raccoon, his new BFF. This duo will also find Hulk since Mark Ruffalo stressed how much fun it was to collect the largest and smallest of the characters on the screen.

To avoid an effect of déjà-vu, I think this time Thor will not be the one who comes at the last moment to come back to a desperate battle.

I wonder what powers Thanos can collect on their side, maybe hoping to see new creatures in addition to the outcrops and possible Chitauri.

Mission Thor Avengers 4

One can imagine that this time, the massacre directly struck on Titan, Thanos' original plan, that it may be rebuilt in the meantime thanks to the power of the stones.

However, I think a direct attack on Thanos flagship would be a lot of fun and that it would be a fine revenge for Thor after the destruction of Titan and the black order aboard the plane that brought Asgardians on Earth.

Captain Marvel would also be well-suited to send three along with Thor, Rocket, Hulk and Valkyrie.
Obviously, we know that the other Avengers want a key role, including Cap, Natasha and Hawkeye, which we saw little in action, if any, in Infinity War.

Thor and the storm breaker's power

As for Thorens grace with a breaker, it's probably big, but we need to highlight three important points.

Mission Thor Avengers 4

The first is the effect of surprise. It is obvious that Thanos does not expect Thor to pose a threat after having hit him so easily.

The other, in line, is that Titan has not responded to the right way to this direct attack. He simply swung power to reject the breaker, as he should have made more inventive use of one of the stones to move, freeze the weapon on time or change the physics act.

The third point is that Erika King Smith certainly planned a kind of internal weakness to the cock he designed, one way for another of his weapons to find a mistake.

Mission Thor Avengers 4

Apparently, we should also see Mjolnir in Avengers 4, and it is not only Thor who will handle it, but we will be able to return. The presence of Mjolnir can have two simple explanations.

The first is that Thor would have asked Eitri to explain him because of the sentimental value he gives her.
The other is of course a journey in time or between parallel universes.

We can also wonder about the subject of parallel universes and infinite possibilities for Avengers will allow us to glimpse another moment Beta Ray Bill in the movie. If so, I think it will not be more than a nice snap.

Mission Thor Avengers 4

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