"What should I do … I also have my point!"

adminDecember 30, 2018

Smiley (35) is one of the artists with an impeccable image that you never take on the wrong foot and that seems to have a great weakness: music. He asked how much he cares about his health, but accidentally found his biggest mistake …

At age 35, Smiley has built many others in life, but not without price. If he could sacrifice sleep to make as much music as possible, it would be ideal. It seems to be worth the effort, both when it comes to his career. Here it is smiley was for the second time in a row the most successful coach from Romania's Voice, the competitor guided by him, Bogdan Ioan, is the big winner of the season.

Smiley has an unexpected boss

I asked the artist how healthy he is, hence his lifestyle. It's pretty healthy, you know. I do not sleep much, do not exaggerate any color, I do a bit of everything: I drink a spritz, I eat what I like. I also do sports, I'd like to do more, but I can't afford the time. I make music, do what I like about people I like,, the artist announced. After a short break, hesitant to share his major weakness, he adds: "The sweets are the problem … (laughs) I like sweets very much. What to do … I have my own loads (laughs) That's the only problem, sweets!"

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