What keeps 2019 for you according to your zodiac sign? find out

adminDecember 26, 2018

Ad portas to receive 2019, years of the pig according to the Chinese calendar, RCN Radio / La Fm, spoke to astrological expert Ernesto Rodas, to know everything that comes to each zodiac in the next year.

"Remember that 2019 is a year of great change. It means a new beginning, a new opportunity, life always invites us to improve and become successful. We must take into account that we are also developing our own destiny, we are architects of our lives, so it is important to know what next year brings to each character, explains Ernesto Rodas. (Instagram: Ernesto Astro, Facebook: Ernesto Rodas Astrologers).

Fire Signs:

Aries: In 2019, this sign must take care of your health. And although in everything else can be a good year for Aries, you still have to stick to your goals because everything won't be very easy.

I read: It will be an interesting year, with great growth and new opportunities in all aspects, especially the financial.

Sagittarius: According to Rhodes, the Sagittarius will be visited by Jupiter through 2019, so this sign will achieve many of the things suggested. "It will be an extraordinary year and seen the batteries because many doors open."

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Earth Signs:

Taurus: Receiving a very interesting Cupid energy, this means you will benefit from love affairs. But you should be careful about what you say, the way you communicate opens many doors, but you can also close others.

Virgo: 2019 will be a year of work, discipline and delivery. "He will benefit from the energy of Saturn and Cupid tells him that if he has a relationship, he will most likely continue it in a very good way, and if he is single, he will likely be offered the opportunity to meet someone".

Capricorn: This will be a year without risk, to maintain what was already built. Cupid will also favor him in love, but it is better to take care of the relationship he has instead of venturing to start another. It is also not the year to take financial risk.

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Air Signs:

Gemini: For Ernesto Rodas, 2019 becomes a year of testing for Gemini. It won't be an excellent year, but it won't be bad either. Life will require discipline and perseverance. He must also improve his punctuality so as not to lose opportunities.

Libra: There will be moments of many indecisions, so you should go for the most practical.

aquarium: The Black Moon will be in Aquarius until May 2, this means it will feel more passion and desire for a hidden love, but it can cause problems. Although they can suggest fascinating businesses, they can also give you losses. On the other hand, the theme of romance will gradually grow, and several goals to be achieved on a professional scale should be proposed.

Water Signs:

cancer: Big changes are coming. Saturn wants a specific energy on cancer, it will be a year to grow internal energy and have clear goals and goals. It is important to remember that Cupid invites you to be faithful in your relationship.

Scorpio: 2019 will be a year to strengthen what has already been built. It's not a year to change jobs or make big changes unless you're very sure they're worth it. Still, the more goals you set, the more benefits you will get.

Pisces: Everything will grow in 2019. It will be a year of blessings and you have to avoid profits. The black moon will visit him after May, so he will feel like having a third person, beware of this. Wishes are just good in some cases. "Channel well the energy," concludes the astrologer.

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