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adminDecember 30, 2018

With the program presented by Diana Chaves, Married at First Sight, approaching the end and with the recordings of the same already finished some time ago, the question is being asked: what is done by the brides after the program?

it TV Guide only a couple who resisted love at first glance this day, since all the others live their lives individually and in some cases with the divorce papers that are signed.

Isabel and Claudio are the only ones who stay together and happy. They continue to know each other, and at professional level, Isabel provides tarot consultations.

already Eliana and Dave is divorced, has signed the divorce papers on December 20. While the surfer is having fun with friends, the receptionist has stayed in Porto and is preparing an album.

The couple Daniela and Daniel, which was initially more intensely related, has been removed throughout the program and is sure they are already divorced. The bride has been professionally busy and has given yoga classes, since Daniel has preferred anonymity.

Francisco and Lydia was the first to sign the divorce papers and to leave the program. The same magazine goes out with statements from a source near the bride, saying she wants to forget everything. Francisco has returned to the gym and has been with his friends.

Graça and José Luís, the couple most loved by the other competitors in the program are also not together. Grace had already revealed that Jose Luis did not meet all "demands" and love did not resist. The groom has spent time with some friends, while Grace has changed and is still alone in Porto.

Ana and Hugo was the couple who gave the most talk during the program. After many discussions, they joined the relationship with Ana to dedicate herself to her son and family and Hugo to enjoy having fun with friends.

After Lydia and Francis, Sónia e João "Ended" their relationship and left the game. The marriage was never happy, but outside, the couple made up, and Sonia apologized to her husband.

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