What Ioana Ginghin says about superstition

adminDecember 31, 2018

Ioana Ginghin is superstitious, but she also thinks she doesn't have to think negatively, not to attract evil. The actor acquainted about the coming year and what the most will be achieved in 2019.

"I have superstitions, but I go on the idea that nothing happens to you, it just happens to you. I do my desires, I make all kinds of views so I have what I want in the new year. On a sheet of paper I see all kinds of things, pictures, a list I put on the refrigerator, and then I see what I crossed and what I did not check that year, Ioana Ginghin said. Musically, "she confessed to" CulTOUR ", a show by Cristina Ciobanasius Vlad Gherman.

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