What happens to the main characters of "Bird Box"? This is the original end of the book

adminJanuary 9, 2019

Despite the dark tone of the movie starring Sandra Bullock in Netflix, the millions of users who saw the "Bird Box" were rewarded with an encouraging finale that provides the opportunity to survive the key characters.

However, the original end of this story is very different.

Be careful! If you still don't see the "Bird Box" on Netflix, but it's in your plans to do so, later there are spoilers of the movie and the book.

After many problems and fears, Malorie, the character of Sandra Bullock, bringing her kids at the end of the river at the end of the movie, hitting creatures and acoustics in the woods, finding a large house on the edge of the trees, a house promised as a haven.

Despite not knowing anything about this place, Malorie and the kids enter the building and are surprised that it is an old school for the blind, inhabited by a wealthy community where an old acquaintance lives and is safe from Monsters, Malorie and their children can finally rest in peace and have a chance to live protected.

What happens at the end of the "Bird Box" book?

If you still don't know, the "Bird Box" is based on his homonymous novel written by Josh Malerman, but in the original material of this book, Malorie doesn't exactly have a happy ending.

In his work, Malorie comes to his destination, even though he does not find the salvation he expected. Instead of finding a school full of happy people as in the movie, he stumbles on people who made a drastic decision before the arrival of what seems to be the end of mankind: Blind to avoid the suicide that makes them see monsters.

At the end of the book of Merman, the survivors realize that the only way to save the monsters is to remain blind, and Malorie has no choice but to follow the same path for herself and her children.

This conclusion basically summarizes all actions of the protagonist and her victims as something in vain. She manages to survive on her trip across the river, but it does not improve her family's life in any way.

In the conversation with the pop culture side Polygon, director Susanne Bier explained why this gloomy changed the end of the "Bird Box".

"The film is a bit more positive, the film is in many ways different from the book, but it is also deeply rooted in the written work." The book also has some kind of positive ending, and I would not have wanted to make an apocalyptic movie that did not have a hopeful ending, I am not particularly interested in the audience who leave, from the movies or from their own screen, with very bad views, that is not really what I think … It's a hopeful note in certain values ​​I really appreciate it, and I thought it was very important. "

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