What happened to Stefan Bănică Jr. at Home: I LOVED …

adminJanuary 9, 2019

Fantefan Banică Jr. Can't imagine holidays far away from the family. No matter how far he is with his job, when Christmas comes, he does his best to come home.

"Honestly, I do everything in my power to be home on December 24. It – see! – 23, by 1:00 at night, I'll live on TV, it's the program: it's the X Factor final. was also years when I did not sleep between December 23rd and 24th: I came home at 6-7, straight from the TV concert to the Christmas concert, and I went to work, adorned her hook & # 39; sometimes I have not even decorated my chin, but by that fatigue who knows who I was decorating! For some years I have not even destroyed him completely – but of course I myself have set a watch there, and that's how I feel at home! , December 24, is sacred: we have also lost plans and the 24th we have come home! Yes, you can say, "You give me a fucking home if you are a zombie!" Well, not you! see all mine as I am at the table, or in the house, when we all come together, it is … something more than fatigue and hacking and worry, there is something that makes me feel good, you know, as many years go, realize I say these moments are becoming more and more valuable, "said fantefan Banică Junior for Formula As.

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