What happened to "Show it so!" Nicoleta Voica was not shot, Liviu Vârciu was sent to a spectator

adminDecember 30, 2018

Due to the adverse weather, the popular music Nicoleta Voica and her husband were not shot. The two men came from Timisoara, and because of the heavy snowfall they had to turn out of the way so they would not snow.

The edge of the scene created problems for performer Constantin Enceanu and actor Cornel Palade. They both stumbled upon it and fell. Fortunately, no one has suffered as a result of the fall.

Liviu Vârciu was married to a lady from the public who offered him, in a break, a medicine to improve their cold symptoms.

Andrei Ştefănescu was so excited about the taste of the charm of the guest table that he did not have the patience to put them on the plate. He ate them directly from the pot, despite Vârcius warnings that he continued so he counted at the wedding.

Liviu Vârciu was "frightened" by the sound of the authentic Buha, who, under the special Plugusor he had spoken to his friend Andrei ftefănescu, was handled with great responsibility by Constantin Enceanu and Lupu Rednic.

"I broke this money !!! I want a plug to get my left ear!", Liviu would say, from time to time, in the moments when he stopped from the ugly.

Singer Daniela Condurache is panicked during a fun show, "Guest Houses with Guests", which she wants with Gelu Voicu.

"I'll kill you! I'll kill you!", Liviu Vârciu threatens during the experiment.

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