What happened to Ronda Rousey's "Millennials" promotion in WWE Raw Last Night?

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We have been so concerned with Becky Lynch today (and can you blame us?) that we almost forgot about the other thing we wanted to talk about, readers of the world of wrasslin – today, specifically: what the hell happened? Ronda Rousey & # 39; s The "millennials" wake up in the episode last night Monday night raw?

Rousey, who agrees more, has progressed quite fast both in the ring and in the microphone compared to how new he is in the fight, he started strong with a basic fight promotion.

"She's 'The Man' and she can really deliver," Rousey began. "But Becky should know that I was not trying to offend her or make fun of her past or her way to becoming a champion or something … I mean, I was just trying to point out how ridiculous are her threats to tear my arm out. The alphabet, I was learning the bracelets While she was learning to juggle, I was learning the bracelets While she was learning that the exit is sometimes behind you, I was learning the bracelets. taken the time to point out all this, yes, Becky can distribute it, but she sure is not that good to take it. "

It's okay. Standard things, delivered well. But this is where things went off the rails.

"Becky, you're so hypersensitive," Rousey continued. "You are not alone & The Man & # 39; You are the Man of the Millennium".

Wait, it's not that Chris Jericho?

"You are the tight jeans, the sporty v-neck, the toast with avocado and the wing of the wing, the man of the Millennium, with an ego wrapped in bubbles and a porcelain self-perception," he continued. "Somebody has to tell 'The Man' that I'm not Charlotte Flair, Raw is not Smackdown and feeling offended does not make you feel good."

How? Let's start with this by saying that, like Gen-Xer, we do not have horses in this race, but what the hell is Ronda talking about?

In the character, Becky Lynch has always been a kind of populist hero, even after his "heel spin", which has only served to make her even more popular. She has just won the Charlotte Flair championship in a Last Woman Standing match with a great violent action that goes back to the WWE Attitude Era. Before the end of the night, Lynch would be standing triumphantly over Rousey after breaking his nose in the ring, his face, arms and hands covered in his own blood. Outside of the character, Lynch is an elite athlete who made her way to the top. No matter how you look at it, Lynch does not fit the faint hipster image that Rousey attributes to him here. It's the kind of promotion that might make sense against a character like The Miz or maybe even Alexa Bliss, but it just did not make any sense to use against Becky Lynch.

We can only conclude that Rousey, who has supposedly had many creative contributions in his promotions, described this tirade as a general criticism of the Millennials. OR Vince McMahon did. It sounds like something a bad old man would say. Or maybe the two of them came together. Either way, it felt out of place in this context, and the live audience also seemed more confused about it. Maybe it's because they know that Ronda Rousey itself is actually a millennium. Maybe it's because a significant part of the crowd is, and another significant part is children who do not care about that kind of thing especially.

Rousey closed with a strong end to the promotion, saying: "So you can save the violins, Champ. You're not Oliver Twist, and I'm not a trust fund fiduciary kid." Well, all the fans I got have seen me sweat for every ounce of their respect, they've seen me bleed for every inch of progress, and they've seen me cry every single setback, and I'm sure I have not put my heart and soul into changing the meaning of & # 39; Fight like a girl & # 39; for the leader of Women & # 39; s Evolution (TM) to call herself & # 39; The Man & # 39;

Look at the promotion below for yourself and tell us what you think.

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